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  1. Looking at the extinct volcano map, I noticed that, when the water rise, the ships can move across partially submerged buildings and trees (this is visible also in the trailer). My proposal is to implement 3D obstruction boxes and to compute which objects cross the water level each time the water rise (or, better, water level - x meters).
  2. Hi, in my opinion, I think that there are two things that are quite annoying when the player move around a map (especially if he's a beginner): 1. You can contemporary move by hitting a screen edge with the cursor or by using arrow keys: one of the first times I played, I was near the right border of the map and, using the arrows, I could move only along the border; it takes me some time to realize that the mouse cursor was on the right edge of the screen (so it also was not visible). I think that this can easily be prevented by disabling the movement with the cursor when using the arrow keys, and by highlighting the edge where the mouse cursor is (so that the player sees it and can move it before releasing the arrow key); 2. It's quite difficult to select one of the button on the top of the screen without hitting the border (and this happens especially when you are already busy and you don't want the map to move unexpectedly). This is probably more difficult to solve, but I think that wait a little (maybe making the delay configurable by the user) before moving if the cursor hit the top edge may be a good compromise.
  3. Thanks to both, now it works. Now I take a look to the code and maybe in future I'll be able to solve some of the simplest tickets.
  4. Hi, I downloaded the source code and I launched the update_workspaces.bat to create the VS 2013 workspace. I can correctly compile and launch it, and it works as expected. The problem is that in VS i cannot see all the files. For example, in atlas I see only the GameInterface folder and not the others (AtlasFrontends, AtlasObject and AtlasUI). I attach the VC++ Project file of the atlas project. My question is: is this expected, and I have to search these missing files in other projects or is it a bug? atlas.vcxproj
  5. Ah ok, now I've seen it. I've the game translated in italian and it was not so clear that that was to access the public lobby. Thanks.
  6. Hi, reading various topics in the forum it seems that there is an official public multiplayer lobby, but I'm not able to find the instructions to access it.