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  1. Download Link to Alpha 21

    I don't know sorry any sort of technical term I don't really know, it's all good dw about it I got Alpha 21 I can just use that one
  2. Download Link to Alpha 21

    Thanks so much and yeah dude I won't lie I don't know much about gpu's and what not I mean do not get me wrong I would absolutely love to play Alpha 22 cause it looks amazing but I wouldn't have a clue with what I am doing trying to use glsl and postp settings for my laptop, I just set everything to the lowest I could in the options menu and yeah more than about 150 if there is more than 2 of us and we all start lagging
  3. Download Link to Alpha 21

    Thanks for the reply dude, Idk what to say really, I used to be able to run 0 A.D on Alpha 21 on like Medium Graphics now I run it on the lowest possible graphics and I get 7fps, I just don't mean to be rude when I say it because I love the work the team are doing and adore the game but I do not think it's currently very optimised. I used to play with 5 friends and none of us all on our different PCs could play any big scale games but I think that was an issue that everyone knew about other than that we were all good, now we can't play Alpha 22 without crazy graphical lag. Going on from my previous question don't suppose it'd be okay to ask if you know where to find a link to download Alpha 21 by any chance?
  4. Hi, Basically to put it simply due to the optimisation of the game I can't run Alpha 22 on more than 7 fps, I was wondering if its still possible to play Alpha 21 and if so are there any ways I can play it and host games with my friends who also can't use Alpha 22? Gyrion
  5. Hi, I recently reinstalled 0 A.D after leaving for a while due to the lack of optimisation. I can run it fine on all the lowest possible graphic settings and I don't know how to explain it and I don't remember if it's just the game or not but the units are ever so slightly jittery when the move around like not laggy just isnt smooth when they move. Anyone know how to fix this?
  6. Lag and Optimisation

    Am a massive lover of 0 A.D so please dont take what I say as hate or nasty I am simply just addressing some issues I have faced with the new 22 update. I have found even with further lowering my graphics the moment my troops move and I mean like even 1 or two they are jittery and laggy. The new graphics look great but are not very well optimised and it removes a demographic such as myself with more lower end pcs to not be able to play the game we love due to the issue of graphical lag. I run games like Fallout New Vegas or Counter Strike GO fine and on pretty good graphic settings but even on the lowest settings 0 AD is atleast currently too laggy and would really benefit from optimisation before adding any new features, units etc. So people like me and others who have low end PCs can play this amazing game again.
  7. Is Early Game Rushing Useless

    But what can you do, all that will happen is the CC will shoot at you till all your men die or back away either way your men get injured
  8. Hi guys, Like the title says, it just seems that unless your faction starts with slingers, rushing is useless. Like you can raid and harass but quickly rushing as fast as possible without Slingers is impossible to win without getting to Age 3 for siege engines. As I find everyone just hides in their base and its untakeable. Does anyone else feel this too? idk just seems like impossible to early rush without slingers
  9. Can someone tell me what Delenda Est does to the game, what factions it adds and how to install
  10. Yeah something like that would look really good in an icon
  11. Delenda Est looks really cool, and your guys textures are insanely good. I would say maybe use the Thracian Pegasus as their icon just think having an animal icon always looks fantastic and the Axe is not originally Thracian whereas the Thracian Pegasus is a Thracian design
  12. Idk about Thessaly but for Thrace also the Faction Icon would be more a Thracian Pegasus Champion - Thracian Kingsguard ( Similar to the Blackcoats possibly with more armour etc.) - Thracian Champion Peltasts ( Basically a Thracian style Champion Peltast) Heroes - Teres I - Sitacles - Seuthes III Wonder - Possibly Like a Temple or Statue of Thrax
  13. Pre Macedon they had the Thessalian League if I am not mistaken, forgive me if I am wrong I don't know loads about Greek history
  14. darn that sucks but ofc I understand would be annoying adding another 2 factions. Maybe one day Thessaly or Thrace will make an appearance
  15. I mean I can completely understand not adding Thessaly they are similar to the Athenians and Spartans despite having good cavalry but the Thracians are so unique they warrant an add