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    Most of pro players say that playing vs AI is not fun. And yes, I do enjoy playing multiplayer more than any game vs AI. However I want to show you that it can be fun. Game vs 7 bots includes the same elements as any team multiplayer game. You have to do an early rush else you're soon overrun. As soon as bots get market you have to raid trade. Meanwhile you have to care for your own eco. This is a quite an old replay of me playing vs 7 medium bots. I could have win faster but my multitasking skills are not that good. If playing vs 7 medium bots is not enough for you, you can change any number of bots to higher difficulty. However I'm certain that no one can win vs 7 very hard bots. 2017-01-11_siole_vs_7bots_medium.zip
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