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  1. I started playing this game a week ago and love it! I'm surprised at the quality of the game over all considering it's still in Alpha stage. I've been playing RTS games since Dune II came out in 1993 and have played almost all decent titles since then. My favorite was Act of War: Direct Action back in 2005. I liked the game balance hard counter system. No unit could be spammed because there was always an available counter. This made multiplayer fun. There was one exception however, for those that remember the game, Task Force Talon had a multi role Spinner tank that could counter most units well if used properly (late game). For 0 A.D I'm interested to see how the game balance is developed further. I won't criticise the game right now because it's not finished yet but I will say that things are looking promising. Developers just remember, all units must have a useful purpose (main strength) and a main weakness. Hard counters work well and they also expose the over powered units early in development, which makes this a good time to look into it further. Any unit that is considered ‘multi role’ tends to become an awkward problem later. One of the great features in Act of War was that infantry units could be set to 'ambush' mode in a bush where they would inflict a one time double attack bonus verses the enemy. This created interesting situations because there were already hard counters to everything. A tank or humvee rushing your base early could be 'one shot' by the singe rocket launcher hiding in wait. Command and Conquer Generals had a good balance system until Zero hour was released. It wasn't as good as Act of War but close and still lots of fun. What impresses me most about this game so far is that it contains every great feature and innovation found in RTS games over the years but leaves out the annoying things. Keep up the great work guys!
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