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  1. i made no edite with any text editor. I saw the over tutorial, but when using note++, or not pad there nothing to edite. well, it's happen on every .dae. i made everal try on different files but having the same consol error message.
  2. Am trying to import a dae file following the tutorial witn blender 2.70, but am having an error into the blender consol : Schema validation error : Critical error : Start tag expected, '<' not found. Made some search and read, but found no solution. any Idea ?
  3. ha ! yes that it. it was the unit tamplate. I found into the template_unit_support_female_citizen.xml the <identity> who display the structure that this unit can build. will try to work on this way. just had to add : other/block_4_entity working well. For the model, i let you judge. thank's for the tips.
  4. Greeting, Well, i made a wooden fence for the fun and to kill the time : Download So now you are able to build "wooden fence" with the woman units and use it as enclosure for your sheep or wheat fields Am working on the gate thank's
  5. did try, but not working. when i left the .dds in : binaries\data\mods\public\art\textures\skins\props it's working
  6. Greeting, did follow this tutorial, but have some questions. I did a try with a simple cube on blender and the alpine_cliff.dds applyed texture. Since here all is working well. I did follow this tutorial to export proprely the dae file. I have also follow this tutorial to make the xml file. So, now i have : block_1.dae block_1.xml alpine_cliff.dds <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><actor version="1"> <castshadow/> <group> <variant frequency="100" name="Base"> <mesh>props/block_1.dae</mesh> <textures><texture file="types/alpine_cliff.dds" name="baseTex"/></textures> </variant> </group></actor><textures><texture file="types/alpine_cliff.dds" name="baseTex"/></textures>For this one am not quiet sure about the right path. As am using a .dds from the game, i think there no need to copy and past this .dds. So i hope am using the good patch who is normaly there : binaries\data\mods\public\public.zip\art\textures\terrain\types Or, am i forced to copy and past the alpine_cliff.dds into this folder : binaries\data\mods\public\art\textures\skins\props Also, am quiet sure about this, but just look for a confirmation, the dae file is supposed to be past here : binaries\data\mods\public\art\meshes\props. However, files are named like cc.dae.cached.pmd. So, do i have to rename my block_1.dae by block_1.dae.cached.pmd ? Same thing for the texture name. is have to be : alpine_cliff.dds or alpine_cliff.dds.cached.dds ? In advance, thank you for the help.
  7. Greeting, well i should start by this. Well, am okegima, and already addict of 0ad. It remind me good games times as AOE, EH. Well, i hear about your game 2 week's ago because of a post on clubic.com talking on your game developpement. Am a RTS fan, and then found my heaven since. So, to the dev team, you have all my greatful about this game developpement. Thank's for making what's i love the most in RTS.
  8. heu no, was even not awar about a contest. Am i in the right forum to share my map creation or this area is restricted to contest map ?
  9. Greeting, after several day playing, here my suggestions list to improve the game. Patrol option: give a tool allowing player and AI to set patrol point and lets units to patrols those points. See sample picture.Rotating position: give a directional unit position. Something similar as Hearth Empire where stand unit could rotate to the requested direction with out to move. See sample picture.Attack zone: allow player to select a zone to attack instead a special unit. Then, in this zone, units will seek and destroy every units. Player lets AI to choose the AI to attack. We can see this in Supreme Commander 2. See sample picture.Back in position: I noticed that in keep position the units back in position. But, it will be nice to extend this ability to all type of attacks.Road and bridges: well, a little cosmetic content, but, allow player to create road and bridge directly in game.Domination campaign: it will be nice to have a kind of world map, a bit as we can see in the Total Wars, but in real time, with a real time economy, and a real AI/player action.Player goal will have to conquest and keep the longest as possible every maps. Player/AI can transfer units/resources from a map to another. Every maps are accessible at any time. Player then can go on each map to develop city, form army, or fight against enemy. See sample pictureTo keep this map alive and give player more goal after the full conquest, it could have a have Rebels, incursion, population revolt system.Incursions could come from unexplored regions forcing player to fight those AI if he wants to keep the attacked map.Population/army revolt. The enemies could come from the inside too. For some reason, the player AI in some maps could set a revolt. Forcing player to fight the rebellion if he wants to keep those maps.A world map creation tool : and then, player could set up the world map in adding new maps and joining those maps with path. It could give player the possibility to increase the number of place to play on it’s world map.Planting tree: Give player the possibility to planting new trees.Mines: mines in addition of rock and mineral blocks, set some area point on map where player and AI can drop a mine for rock or mineral to harvest. Mines will have much more resources. Well, I think that all for now. It’s already not bad.
  10. Greeting, here a little contribution. A simple map with Alpes as thèmes. Hope you will enjoy it. Download pack (XML,pmp,png snapshoot)
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