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  1. I've just listened to your demo track for Iberians during peacetime, and I personally think it sounds good with the live guitars and I see your point with live instruments. However, it sounds more like a classical composition, which has a lot more contemporary sound than it should. It doesn't create a proper feeling for me (regarding the main theme of the game), actually I rather feel like I'm in renaissance and not in 0 AD. But that's just my opinion and my personal feeling of course I will try to compose something and send it to you as soon as I can.
  2. I can manage everything except for the live recording of ethnic instruments since I don't own any. I've recently bought a sound card which allows me to record instruments but I don't have the instruments We'll see how this goes, I will give my best to fulfill all other criteria to the max. I don't see a problem with using VST as a replacement for some live instruments. There are rather good VST simulators which fulfill the role of a live instrument to a certain level. I was just wondering is there any chance that you may actually accept VST based tracks? P.S. Is there a deadline for applying music contributions?
  3. Working on new tracks for 0AD has begun!

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