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    For the future Swahili coast cities would be interesting; they a had very unique architecture (Buildings made of coral or wood) , they linked Zimbabwe to the rest of Africa through trade. Perhaps a christian Nubian kingdom (Makuria).
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    0AD is not aoe, i like very much this feature ! you can do it with some civ or romans but u can do it in mod or maybe in option if all player want try it
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    Yes, is WIP is last of factions of this mod. Isn't a surprise.
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    Starting to soften the harsh geometry of the buildings. Don't worry, I won't post a new picture for every single building, I think just one is enough proof of concept. Of course, this is still not finished, but the point I'm trying to make with my sloppy work in progress is that you can achieve this softer result without adding more polygons. The trick is to use a combination of flat vs soft shading, depending on the different parts of the structure. For example, the roof is flat shaded, while the columns are soft shaded.
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    I have a competing request (I'd rather we upgrade wall turrets like we do Sentry Towers and Defense Towers: "Guard House" adds a rooftop and default arrows, "Ballista Emplacement" adds a ballista to the platform, etc. The only current problem is that wallset code can only designate 1 wall tower entity; upgrading the tower to something else doesn't allow it to be a wall endpoint anymore in case you need to rebuild a section of wall to it). But perhaps I can make a separate thread for that.
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    nice to see you active again
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    That's pretty awesome! Nice work...
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    that is obviusly. like use hate speech or very political messages with our logo. In case you don't know, I have studies in social marketing and corporate image and making Brand books . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corporate_identity https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brand_management https://www.thensmc.com/content/what-social-marketing-1
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    added (currently only ratings from 2 ppl) Wendy Itrelles solooyo chet aow Pachamama jeromescherer LeGenDz
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    Thanks @Stan` I uploaded another mod, created by a friend of mine. This one enables cartography but only if the option is set during game set-up. https://0ad.mod.io/cartographymode
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    Hi ! I'm from Besançon, France. I discovered this game thanks to my friend and co-worker from that city as well. We even played against two guys from here we didn't knew before. Small world! My pseudo is my name ... I did it too fast, though it was going to be my login Thanks to the people who worked on that game, it's great! I'm at GMT+2 (summer) and I think it's +1 in winter ^^
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