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    Yes, it does, actually walls can host even more infantry. You might like @Freagarach's world population setting (D2426/rP23873). Keep in mind Delenda Est modifies the development version (A24) and 0abc the latest stable (A23). I haven't actually worked on my mod in months, mostly because of the increased activity on phabricator for the next 0 A.D. version. I don't know what DoM is, but modifying 0 A.D. is really easy, the templates are simply xml. You just have to be aware files inherit values from their parent(s), see the second line in the templates (<Entity parent="*">), e.g. template_unit.xml template_unit_cavalry.xml template_unit_cavalry_ranged.xml template_unit_cavalry_ranged_javelineer.xml units/athen_cavalry_javelineer_b.xml units/athen_cavalry_javelineer_a.xml units/athen_cavalry_javelineer_e.xml
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    Ah, sorry. I was playing around in the editor and couldn't find it. I didn't search forum. Lesson learned. I apologize to all.
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    Have been playing 0ad for a few months, tried a mod or two, enjoy the overall "gestalt" of the game and the community, heartily. Personally, I see a potential in the game and or community (and or codebase) to be something other than what is currently the stated vision, from what I can tell of the project. As a former player of one or two MMOs, (10six from sega comes to mind, from a different, perhaps more ambitious and naive era...), when playing mostly single player skirmishes, I was reminded of various experiences i've had as a gamer, from simpler end command and conquer type games with friends or v ai, to, large scale mmo multiplayer type rts games with trading and base building and stuff. Thought about this all quite a bit and discussed with others and have come to the conclusion of wanting to sketch a specific idea for a game and game world, let us call it 1ad. Logical enough, no? DM, or respond if any of this sounds at all intriguing. To give just a bit more of the gist, the game would be modified to be played in a persistent online world. Commerce would be handled on a freemium basis, so, payment is not required to play, but some money is made on premium items to support the costs of development and perhaps turn some profit. The spirit and some of the proceeds of anything would go to support the larger open source ecosystem and keep in mind the same or about the same vision and style as inhabits the free software open source software movement and helped make and animate 0ad as a playable and enjoyable, if stunted in some ways, game it is today. cheers
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    Thank you for the history @Nescio! I can try a PR again, like with the javelin*. I'll kick off with the, IMHO, least controversial of changes: {civ}_*.xml → {civ}/*.xml since I wrote a script for that while practicing my bash ^^ Then we can also gather more feedback in the diff (D2952). I agree about the "other"-folder, but am not sure about "campaign" and "skirmish". The Gaia-folder may also be controversial, perhaps we should wait with that one for another team members opinion (a few are on vacation now ^^).
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    Yes, you'll probably have to modify the Upgrade.js file, perhaps others too. It's much simpler to give the templates you want to upgrade to each other the same footprint.
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    See e.g. https://code.wildfiregames.com/D2760 and https://code.wildfiregames.com/D2783 To be able to properly upgrade structures, it's important both have practically the same footprint (and obstruction size and wall length). Upgrading village phase towers to town phase towers works, as does upgrading long wall segments to gates. Upgrading siege walls to stone city walls, or vice versa, would work too, since they're equally long. However, upgrading palisades to walls won't work, since palisades are much shorter. Hence https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/28064-request-longer-palisades/ (Unfinished; longer palisade segments alone is not enough, larger palisade towers are needed too; for wallsets to work it's important that the corners (i.e. wall towers) have a diameter of at least 50% of the short segment length.)
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    In the Match Setup menu, when hovering over the civilization in the drop down menu, the description at the bottom of the screen is clipped, showing only 2 lines of the complete description.
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    We already have a topic for it. I found it by searching the forum for "bactrian".
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    Actually, you can't really have unit speed affecting properties. A unit will choose to walk through 2 feets of mud a foot away from a literal road in the current pathfinding scheme. Jump point search is based on the assumption of uniform cost grids. This feature was present in the past before it was decided to nuke it in favour of better performance.
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    @myou5e For your information, there is a lot of useful modding information in https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/21083-how-to-modify-0-ad/ (Also about resources not getting exhausted IIRC.)
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    Such magesty xD Are those camels suppose to carry something on their back? I wanted to know the models are going to have armor, reins, and props ?
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    Most city walls (plus siege walls) have short, medium, long lengths of 12, 24, 36. (ptol are slightly longer, sele slightly shorter, it seems.) Palisades and cart low walls are much shorter: 4.5, 9, 13.5 respectively. In my opinion they are too short and too much hassle to actually build. They should certainly be shorter than city walls, but I would highly appreciate it if palisade (and low wall) lengths could be increased by a third, thus to 6, 12, 18, i.e. half as long as their city wall equivalents. Not sure whom to ask. @Stan`?
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    The guy in the middle (1): Would call him "White Linen Warrior" or "Linen Regiment" "White Champion" or "Chosen Warrior" or something like that.
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    This is true. Artists might hate this suggestion but I think they should be standardized in size. It was probably a mistake to not require this years ago when they were first being modeled. I blame @Mythos_Ruler.
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    The problem is that wall towers all have different footprints...
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    Honestly I would prefer them to be the same lengths as the stone walls so we (either EA or mods) can research a tech and improve them to stone.
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    We need this in vanilla as well. Not including the apartment blocks was a mistake, and low walls would be nice for all civs, even if it's just for us single player guys who love to beautify our base...
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    In the past month I've made numerous changes to my 0abc mod (A23), overhauling several things. Recent changes include, but are not limited to: greater armour differences, e.g. sabremen have 8/6/6/4, which means they take about 52% more damage from spearmen (thrust) than from maceman (crush) soldier health is proportional to food cost (1 food equals 2 health), armour is there to differntiate between classes lowered unit base speed (9→10→8) changed resource usage: all technologies cost silver (and time), no other resources female gatherers cost food soldiers cost food and iron siege engines cost iron and wood ships and traders cost food, iron, and wood mercenaries and slaves cost silver instead of normal resources walls: corrected footprints, obstruction sizes, status bar positions, etc. cost and health are made proportional to wall length walls (including wall towers) have no longer any vision or attack of their own; instead, they have visible garrison slots: short wooden/siege/town wall: 3, short city walls: 4 medium wooden/siege/town wall: 6, short city walls: 8 medium wooden/siege/town wall: 9, short city walls: 12 cart, rome, and wooden/siege/town tower: 8, other city wall towers: 4 gates vary, because they all look different (which is great) unfortunately gates can't lock when there are units on top; hopefully that'll be fixed in A24 instead of one aura for all, there are now several, the one used depends on the height (<Y>) of the visible garrison slot: wall up to 4: units get +1 armour (all types) and +5 vision wall up to 8: units get +2 armour (all types) and +10 vision wall up to 12: units get +3 armour (all types) and +15 vision wall up to 16: units get +4 armour (all types) and +20 vision wall up to 20: units get +5 armour (all types) and +25 vision wall up to 24: units get +6 armour (all types) and +30 vision Carthage can build low walls in town phase and apartment blocks in city phase, as well as upgrade their centres: Mauryas start with a pillar and a chariot (because it looks nice): structures now have shared selection groups, which means double-clicking on e.g. a large tower will select all your large towers in view, regardless which civ originally built them numerous other tweaks and corrections. As usual, see the 0abc-readme.pdf (opening post) for more detailed information.
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    Also, it's a pity gates can't close when there are units on top, since it does look nice: (I locked them before moving any units towards the walls, but if I unlock them, they can't close.)
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    How do you like this? Is this too crowded? Should pikemen be allowed on the walls?
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