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    A generic volcanic island for the kicks. MAP DOWNLOAD (MOD): random_map_volcanic_island.pyromod @coworotel feel free to add it to the community map pack
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    There is a cycle of two free interesting mooc (on an "academic" site) https://www.fun-mooc.fr/courses/course-v1:EPHE+126001+session01/about It's in french only but I share it because it fits perfectly with 0ad art, history and timeframe: from Alexander death to Actium defeat and it covers more or less the whole Alexander's empire area. Enjoy!
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    I managed to solve the problem! After a deep understanding, what does GetAIs it's looking for every json file in the directory simulation/ai and part of my communication between the game and the machine learning module I'm using a json file to send units to the ML (It is loaded with all the possible fighting units. Huge file). The game picks it as part of AI and tries to load it, that's why it fails. Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate that!
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    For the Athenians civ: Acharnae Aphidnae Athens (of course) Cephisia Cytherus Decelea Delos Eleusis Laurium Marathon Phaeleron Piraeus Plataea Rhamnous
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    Nothing in the logs, that's why I asked. The only mention of your name was a in a "join" message and a "leave" one. Anyway, I guess you got your answers.
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    Oh okay, sorry about that. You can still ask questions here then we'll do our best to answer them.
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    I've tried, this works fine.
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    Suspected copy-cat behaviour across the pond: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-47973354
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    I don't think it's a miracle, because it's about material things instead of human lives. the same kind of guys that coordinate to helps ONG and aid to another matters.
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    warn(Engine.GetAIs().length); Does [2] actually exist? It sounds like there is some broken directory, or some "unassigned" placeholder item or something. If the ReadJSONFile call in C++ fails, it should handle that in a somehow sane way, probably report it with a readable error. Edit: What's the result of warn(Object.keys(Engine.GetAIs()[2])); // Doesn't crash - data, id
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    @fatherbushido what kind of gameplay you want to change? (for example: give a options to destroy by default instead capture) other i saw in your YT channel is conversion. what kind of 2D art you need? I'm subscribed to your YT channel.
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    Nice... For Kush at least, I can provide the following names of some of the most important cities during 0AD's timeframe (archaeological sites containing the excavated remains of one or more of the following: City/Royal Palace/Amun Temple/Royal Necropolis), followed by the historical name, where known: Napata (Npt/Napita) Meroƫ (Medewi/Birawe) Naqa (Tolkte/twjlkt) Kawa (Gematon/Gempaten) Tabo (Pnubs) Sanam Dangeil Basa Sedeinga Sonijat (Tergedus) Muweis Karanog (Premnis/Pedeme) Dakka (Pselchis/Pselqet) Hamadab Amara East
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