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    Locked this topic as it's not adding to the actual discussion of the gameplay etc but is just an argument over who's better - which is quite pointless in an unfinished game, so it's probably worth spending your time on something more rewarding
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    Hi everyone ! Thanks to @FeXoR for his feedback. He is right to say: ... of course. Point 2 is not difficult to fix most probably. I use here an old version of rmgen routines which works not well every time (don't say I should use a newer version. I know but it creates problems in my design too). Point 1 is more tricky. For now, the road creation procedure draws one cell wide paths, which is not optimal when the path runs diagonally. It's probably why they look broken when running across forests. In mountains it would be even worse, but here, I have already made some adjustments to make roads (rather) walkable. But this is clearly not enough. Il have to rework the thing to create larger paths (and by a side effect, maybe solve the issue @elexis quoted here: Now, how wide ? It's not an easy choice: I often noticed the pathfinder has a problem with bottlenecks: even when the path is more than five tiles wide, if units use it in both directions, they deadlock each other and this results in a absurd mob (and a lag). All these are created by the main landscape procedure. Mountain and water ratios can be modified easily (it's a parameter). It's always possible to modify the map in some way (make the water deeper for instance), but IMHO, the problem is to know if we create (rather) realistic maps players have to deal with (and this is part of the game challenge), or artificial playgrounds where all landscape difficulties are smoothed or eliminated. This is open to discussion but maybe we should make a clear choice (at least for this or a random map category). Agreed... OK... Yes, it's not, but in real world, geomorphism don't cares about paths too... I suppose here the civilization level is rather low here, so paths follow the easiest way. It's possible to make them avoid completely water, but this would eventually result in absurd things: for instance a road climbing rather high to cross a mountain falling into water when it is shorter and easier to follow the bank, wetting slightly one's feet. In some way, I follow the pathfinder policy to connect parts of the map: it avoids not crossing the lakes and rivers even when it's not absolutely necessary. Ideas ? Textures can be changed easily of course, but I'm not that good at it. Feel free to suggest other sets. Don't worry, they make sense...
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    About An Egyptian Oasis: The two main things I noticed that don't work well yet: Paths are quite narrow so large armies have trouble to use them if they go through forests. While the texture width is OK there should be no obstructions that close to the path. It actually seems like they are not continuous and broken apart by tiles with trees. Starting locations don't have domestic animals like chicken or pigs. This can put some players at a rather heavy disadvantage for some might wind up having camels nearby but others don't. And cavalry can gather meat quite fast. Other more minor issues: Some maps have rather large areas covered by water and "ramps" that can be walked on but not build on. This makes it quite hard to use defences. Maybe the ramps can made a little less steep and the water a little more deep (so units can't walk through most parts of the water). The actors on mountains are those of actual mines. That might confuse quite some players that will mistake them for spots to gather from. Replacing them with non-mine actors would solve this The texture around start locations abruptly stops when reaching the playable map area's border. Instead I'd place the texture but no entities (or the actor corresponding to the entity) in the entire area if not outside the map (the square map where textures can be placed but I mean here). Roads often leading to/through lakes. This is not really an issue because units can walk through most parts of the lakes anyway but it looks like this is not planned The wet sand texture extends quite far into areas not covered with water. That looks strange to me. While I like your choice of textures very much in the barren flat regions the light grass texture doesn't fit very well IMO.  I haven't read through the entire code so it's absolutely possible some of my comments don't make a lot of sense Expecting requests for more concrete suggestions ^^
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    the first attempts at playing worked well. Meanwhile, the Internet connection is severely affected as soon as I start 0ad. do not know why. my system kicks off completely. Now I can not go into the lobby anymore, I was banned or something. the server does not allow me.
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    @Imperator Ferrum Princeps I I planned yesterday but multicoring and testing my thesis took more time I expected so about today till evening.
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    So which "hotkey" where you trying to use and did you check the config file for it's definition you have been around long enough to do that Enjoy the Choice
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    Hi @Bigtiger welcome to the forum, i've been through the same problems importing door animations. I had to make my own armatures (exactly the same as any other door, so you don't mess with other armatures) and animate them, sometimes animations in 0 ad are exported incorrectly most likely very old meshes, and when you bring them to blender sometimes they change they position, rotation or scale. In this case you could take any door from the mod Millenium A.D. wich are the most recently door armatures done by me itself, so you can guide yourself through the making of an identical copy of the armature so you won't have another headache. Armatures after being exported they won't accept any modification you made, so the armature will have to remain untouched, But you can alter the mesh. Tips: Always save the blend original file when making new armatures or animations. Save every animation as actions. for repeating animation always make a loop of the first and last frame. if you can guive me references i can help you with your problem. Happy modding!
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    They sure are pretty, those Zapotecs...
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    Thank you @trompetin17, @Itms and @Tobbi! Thank you soooo much.....
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    @JC (naval supremacist) relax bro, it is only a game.
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    If we had battalions this would all probably be a moot discussion. Though I am sure battalions would have their own exploits we'd have to work on.
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    lol So you're saying the only option to win as a seasoned player in this tech demo is by shift-click dancing around enemy archer fomations? And that's why something like this is necessary for the game's multiplayer? What a nonsense.. oh wait I just found accurate video footage of ancient combat in which the champion manages to dogdge enemy missiles easily. So probably this is authentic realistic combat simulation at that point to ddoge hundred of spears and arrows.
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    @Jofursloft sometimes the situations might change mobility isn't enough catapult making would be easy with ptolemies in naval map due to their vision with lighthouse from p2 . So you'll get advantage to win in p2 if island jumping as you can do some. Motor Skills with medium war ship with some mercenary skirmishers in it and could control route between sea and could get some Merchandise and start trading in sea which would be latter easy from ambushed due to vision it could earn some wood and gold to make Catapult and load them and then offcource when your ready attack. But Britons I think the the second best in Island Jumping because of their Island base I think ( Dunno name) they are dead useful in island jumping. For expansion.
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    The problem is that a mass of ranged units automatically target the nearest enemy unit, while they should be spreading fire across the entire group of enemy units within range. So it can indeed be considered a bug i.m.o. There are many of those micro-bugs though, and all of them are regularly exploited, so it's not like you're the only one doing it. It's even ill-advised not to take these things into account in a competitive game (why wouldn't you dodge a missile if you can?).
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    New coloring proposal: Opinions please. More pictures: https://imgur.com/a/XdiBCOI
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    Ww2 mod would be uncomfortable because there already a lot of games in it for example I will name a few Hoi ( Hearts of Iron), Sudden strike series, Company of heroes, Brothers in Arms etc. I suppose Napoleonic Wars might be the easiest of the three but it would be hard to make.