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    @Lion.Kanzen Hello! It's been a while! I like this Maccabaean Judaean idea.
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    I believe we reached the productive part of this thread. If you need information concerning your ban please contact @user1. If you want to stop being banned maybe stop breaking the rules?
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    Fixed in rP23515
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    Exactly. The rules state the following; "Only create one account per person on the service unless authorized by Wildfire Games."
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    So I think I'm not going for Ancestor anymore
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    What do you mean when you said it needs a stronger sharpening effect? Do you mean the default value? The original patch has a static sharpness factor of 0,5. The new patch allows you to select a sharpness value between 0,0 and 1,0 by slider. The default is set to 0,3. A value greater than 1,0 would lead to colour noise.
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    If you know someone to have multiple accounts, report him. Rule is clear and applies to everyone: Only create one account per person on the service unless authorized by Wildfire Games From searching history on forum, unauthorized accounts have been deleted and users were asked to use their first account after ban expired. One is not allowed to create new account just because the current one is banned. If it was allowed ban is useless. I do not think, that given ban is permanent, but every break of rules prolongs current ban. Keep in mind there exists bot that will ban anyone using bad language in chat.
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    i glow my mind why we start looking into cheats. its a bottomless pit i thought we would go up not down. its about honor
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    @ValihrAnt yet again showing us how to do fanatic rush and steal the enemy wood line for free.
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    I've proposed this already sometime ago: how about an additional function similar to the buddy or friend-thing that would allow you to mark other players as "notfriends" - the idiot-button, kinda? ...you know, so you can designate players with whom you've had bad experienes like quitting, toxic behavoir etc. I play occasionally and i recognise a lot of aliases, but after a few months it's hard to remember things - like "do i remeber this guy because we had a fun game, or because he was a total @#$% last time?"
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