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    Fixed mentioned bugs: Added Cart_Quinquereme shield variations Uploaded file:Ships_Update.7z
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    Update: Updated textures as mentioned before: Added variation on shields (Rome, Carthaginian) Used visual studio to fix indents. Files:Ships_Update.7z
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    Horrendously hacky but it works
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    hello @fisherman, try to disable postprocessing and glsl in graphic options. If it does not help, please post here log files https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths. Have a nice day
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    Maybe not using cav at all then
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    Last update for comitting: Used Seleucus helmet crest as another crest variant for phrygian. Made Whole seleucus helmet props player color. increased variation mixing helmet props. replaced helmet actor properties with variants. Should the red & blue textures/actors be committed or leaved in this topic as a separated .zip file?. Blend file for the art repo since nothing else should be modified in the file:0.A.D Hellenic_Phrygian.blend
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    @Alexandermb, Perhaps deifferent variations of the SPQR, especially with the eagle. Nothing screams Roman like an eagle... Maybe a pegasus? Maybe some of the symbols of the Roman legions? Romulus and Remus suckling from the wolf? If you like any of the examples below, you can let me know and I'll make an outline for you.
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    I want this a lot too as well, that is why I keep harassing @bb_ about #2577 and #252
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    Counter systems are derived from real life. That's one reason why armies are usually composed of many different types of units. For example: infantry is vulnerable to artillery. Artillery is vulnerable to aircraft. Aircraft are vulnerable to anti aircraft. Anti aircraft is vulnerable to infantry. Within each class, their are even counters. Heavy cavalry takes light cavalry. Light cavalry takes ranged cavalry. Ranged cavalry takes heavy cavalry. In general terms. Anyway, horses tend to be terrified of elephants, also mentioned by ancient sources, so anti-cav should definitely be a bonus for all elephant units. Elephants are vulnerable to pikes, javelins, arrows and slings. Even if those weapons don't always immediately kill the animal, elephants really don't like people throwing pointy sticks and rocks at them. It makes them mad, and uncontrollable. Charging horses against elephants will cause the horses to panic and throw their riders. Really cool initiative though! I wish you all the success!
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    @stanislas69 should seleucus nikator feathers be player color? i'm thinking on use those feathers as props for the phrygian helmets aswell. Also baked again the laurel with less leaves.
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    I'm working on a solution on my GitHub to generate fonts at runtime. I need to do some performance testing. We can't use fonts on the system because we can't assume they will be there. In the future once I'm done with my experiment. I could use some help as well for now It only supports 255 chars instead of all.
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    I suppose it was just for the simplicity. Sometime back, it was proposed to use Freetype which was deemed unnecessary by the then devs. I dont recall all of the reasons, but pretty sure the C++ vs Python argument was given. You could find the exact thread by surfing through RedFox’s content.
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    I'll be honest with you, my files are in a 'by any and means necessary' state including ignoring most of the the simulation tree. I'll brush it up and maybe make a cheat unit of it that way any future mods have some standard rifleman assets to use
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    That's really fantastic! I had the uncontrollable urge to play "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" a couple times in a row today. I wonder why... Anyway, Hurrah, Hurrah! By the way, I misread the title of this thread and spontaneously imagined Stokely Carmichael tapping his microphone at a rally in the 1960's. darn those Freudian slips...