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Monthly Review - March 2005


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This individual has been awarded the following due to outstanding accomplishments as the 0 A.D. Staff Member for the month of March:

Damian Kastbauer (aka LostChocolateLab): As a new member of the project he jumped into the sound department with an incredible drive. There is so much to be done in terms of sound design and documentation, and he did a fantastic job of surveying the situation and filling the gaps. Damian met and surpassed all our expectations as he took the point position in the design of the sound for our game. Excellent work! Congratulations, this award is well deserved.

Two programmers did some great things this month (Philip (random actors) and Jan (optimization)). Both deserve an honorable mention.

Accomplishments for the month of March:

  • Security push (check all CRT string functions, replace with safe variants).
  • Made improvements on website security.
  • Optimized bottlenecks (VFS mount much faster, improved texture codecs).
  • Licensing research.
  • Researched the possibility of using OGRE for the graphics module, but decided against it.
  • Player resource pools.
  • Implemented a new method of technical design documentation.
  • Continued to expand entity functionality.
  • Several history articles committed.
  • Hired a new UI programmer.
  • Coordinated and outlined tasks remaining to reach beta.
  • Random Actors implemented (in ScEd, and the game engine).
  • Stand alone actor editor tool created.
  • Sound design document made great advances.
  • In game profiler implemented.
  • Game loading bar put in place.
  • On demand asset loading.
  • Iberian Structures - modeled, textured, and propped.
  • Random map generator coding started.
  • Several texture templates created for units (body, head).

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