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I know this is bad idea


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After spending some time waiting next release, I have wondered these ideas:


We have current rating system, I would like to have some build in article about it, but for my current understanding it is outstanding and mathematically accurate. 

Why we could we have also a peer-to-peer rating in next to it?  So if you lose to honorable opponent, you could rate him up, or win good match, something like thumbs up?


Then you well immediately see, if there is a quitter, lagger, harasser or bad teamplayer.


This could prevent multi-accounting, bad sportsmanship and make games like 4x4 easier to balance.


Of course, some players will get fast really bad reputation and others unearned good reputation, while others get thumbs down when win game honestly. 


As a casual player, I have found games more than 1v1 just absolutely too difficult to balance, and in 1v1 games current rating system do not work, because there is too few players, and couple of private plays make distortion to ratings. Not even speaking on multi accounts. 


Maybe here in forums could be beforehand arranged battles, where people with commitment and almost same rating level could arrange a  match.


Also, there should be free description in multiplayer, where you can say, "only players over 1300" "Only players below 1300" "No OP civs" "Little wood" etc. etc etc.... 



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