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Gameplay Testing Protocol

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Gameplay strategies are always changing. Potential areas of imbalance (usually in terms of a strategy/build, sometimes unique to a civilization) will warrant a topic in this forum.

To be an effective gameplay tester, you should:

  • Install SVN and update before testing. See Trac for instructions.
  • Be transparent. Maybe you have some crazy cool technique you want to keep secret, but as a tester interested in improving the game for everyone, you should try to employ and teach the alternate methods to execute a strategy.
  • Be able to learn and try different strategies.
  • Strive to improve yourself.

Best testing guidelines will consist of:

  • Playing 1v1s. While team games are fun, they introduce many different variables. The exception to this rule is for testing team strategies (e.g. tributing to allies early).
  • Employ the strategy and have your opponent try to beat you.
    • Multiple matches are necessary here.
  • After every game, analyze the replay and the result.
    • Is this a difference in skill between myself and my opponent? If so, discuss strategies and perhaps invert the game. Have your opponent execute the strategy and have you try to counter it. If the winner is consistently the same person, there isn't any conclusion we can draw from whether the strategy is too effective.
    • Each player should discuss and consider: Were there times were I could have done better? If yes, it is definitely worth another match.
  • After many replays of initial testing, discuss if the strategy would be too hard to counter if it was not known that it would executed prior to the match.
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