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(Realm of Man) [Announcement] Part1 - Realms of Magic


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Firstly, I would like to welcome you to Realms of Magic

Secondly, i am proud to present my Outline of my ideas, Bewarned it is just an outline



-General Mod information-

Avialible slots-Unknown

Needed Postions

  • Tech/Civ Builders/Writers
  • 3d Modelers
  • Texture Builders
  • Anything else that may come up
  • Balancers(?)

-Rules Of Team-

1) Please be willing to Colaberate
2) Please Be understanding and Friendly
3) thats pretty much it
4) I have a good idea of what i want to fuflill but dont be afraid to bring up ideas you have

-Background Info on Me-

1) I used to mod Skyrim and Oblivion
2) I am friendly although my mind can be quite spastic
3) I am Very good at c# and VB and from what i can tell JS will be quite simple to pick up along the way
4) I love to make friends

5) My name is Mikel, Pleasure to meet you all

6) I have a tendancy to overthink things(Feel free to let me know when i am)

7) in case you havent noticed im not best at spelling

8) I am a amature Book writer

9) i am 21 years old

10) i am currently married

11) i have hard time sleeping at times so i will probably be on alot


1) Outline Features i would like to Add to the game
2) Outline the Flaru Civilization
3) Colabberate with Modelers/Textureists to build the buildings for the Flaru Ciziliation
4) Perpare A Forum for Mod Team
5) Perpare a Outline of the rest of the Realms(Mods)

-Questions And Comments-

1) Was wondering if i could get a subform thing Under Projects know as "Realms of Magic"
2) Start Building some things together with CoM
3) I would Love to hear what you think of my outline so please feel free to message me or to come up with ideas that you would like to see



-Flaru Buildings Base-

Things Complete

Base idea for buildings


-Flaru Tech Base-


This is unfinished but is meant as a base for the other civs

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