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Way points and/or loitering times possible ?


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Hi all, have mucked around with this game since version 12 i think, just wondering if i am missing a few things or not.

Can you set multiple way points for units and if so can you set loiter times at certain way points ?

Reasoning is i would like to be able to set a cavalry chap at the beginning to explore areas of the map without me constantly coming back to him and moving him in small sections at a time.

Loiter times within way points -

One example, some of your troops have come under attack and can fight briefly then need to retreat or die ( i like to save my troops if i can ) Send some fresh troops to loiter for say 5 minutes at or near the attack point or along the attacked troops line of retreat then have them pull back once the original troops have been reinforced or are back at full health.


Does that make sense ?

Regarding way points again, the ability to set up small squads of five or so troops to simply patrol an area designated by your way points instead of being limited to guarding one spot.


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You can queue waypoints via Shift-Clicking. :) I don't recall being able to set them to loiter (though, usually, loitering units is wasted resources/time and in the battle examples, most skirmishes would necessitate in-battle micro which would negate the loiter order).

Will try that out tonight,cheers. I know what you mean about the loitering v wasted time but i could see a few areas where i would use it :)

thanks again.

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