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hello 0a.d. members

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If by football you mean the American football I play that too, DT, DE and OT. I haven't gone paintballing in awhile and not very into but I have a tippman 98c. I am in the SCA and have made my own body armor and next gulf wars I will fight in :)

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Hey there. I compete in Greco-Roman. Im a defensive back. But anyways, i'm very clumsy with computers, so I'm just here to give some insight on this game. By the look of the screens and the vids, this looks to become a great game. If you guys come out with a beta version of 0 A.D., I would really like to try it out. P.S. Fearkills808 is my xboxlive gamertag, hence the fearkills360 name... :)

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