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Found 3 results

  1. The First Punic War Campaign Project Guide I: Presentation of the Project This project aims to create a campaign for the main game which lack of it. This campaign will be, it's in the title, "The First Punic War". I've started a map named "Siege of Agrigentum", which is about a siege of the first Punic war, in August 2016. I've had no time to pursue making the map but now I have more time. And I decided to put this a step further last week by creating a team to start this great project. Team members: @Hannibal_Barca, @shieldwolf23, @Skhorn, @stanislas69 and me. II: Objectives First of all, the overall goal of the campaign is to be the most historically accurate possible, yet being playable and enjoyable. So, you will have noticed that there are 3 main goals that give pride of place to the playing experience being the least inaccurate possible. However, talking about historical accuracy, it should not ( and it has not to) affect the playability by for example, making a scenario where the player is put in a freaking impossible situation. This means that we will have to make evenly balanced scenarios, against historical accuracy because the vast majorities of sieges and battles were unbalanced. This goes the same for natural resources which aren't equally spread in reality. Having specified these 3 major goals, we can now go into the heart of the matter. III: References We're going to use as references: Wikipedia for the summaries and of course ancient contemporary (even better, witness) sources such as Polybius's "General History" which makes alone quite a bunch of very detailed describing pages. IV: Modifications or Additions to Vanilla Art At first, we will use civilization present in the game because all civilizations present here are all cousins to some that are present in the vanilla. We're going to use Athenians either Spartans to represent the different Greek cities that took part to this war. And for the Mamertines (literally "Sons of Mars") were a group of mercenaries from an Italo-Celtic tribe in Campania (they were hired by Agathocles, Tyrant of Syracuse during the third Sicilian war, and some have stayed because they liked the climate and the place, these ones have conquered Messana and ruled it for 20 years using it as a fortified pirate basement for coastal and in-land raids) can be represented by Gauls because this is the civilization they are the closest to. But we will need some new unique buildings to be made. so we will need some people to do this. V: Mapping Each member of the project is going to choose a event (siege or battle) and make a map on it. He will present regularly his work to be criticized by the other members of the team in order to be the closest possible to the best. by the way mapping in a collaborative way, meaning here everyone working on the same map, would obviously not be practical for multiple reasons. VI: The Use of Triggers We're of course going to use quite a lot of triggers all the way through this campaign. I had the idea of creating (because I don't think it exists) a trigger to reduce the amount of HP, the attack damage and the speed of the units of the player who would play a besieged city unless he manages to create a trade line with his ally outdoors. VII: Introductions of scenarios We will try to make cut-scenes by using the cinematic camera. Otherwise, we can make introductions in the AoE II style, meaning pretty drawings with a text scrolling and a voice-over recording of someone reading it. It could be an English native speaker or me in the absence of one because I can reach the perfect accent (believe me or not, I'm not overestimating my language ability, no self-celebration) with the help of the phonetic dictionary and I have a quite deep voice like you hear in many voice-over recording. VIII: The Perspective We're going to make the campaign with the Roman perspective because a player does not want to lose at the end of a campaign. What I've just said involve that we should make alternative scenarios to make the player win with Carthage which is obviously not what we came for. So, during the campaign the player is going to stick to Romans or their allies for the scenario in which they aren't present (because all the battles were not Carthage versus Rome). In the campaign the player will have to stick to Romans or their allies but we will unlock the other belligerents in each map played alone. There will be a version of each map for the campaign and for the random playing of any map (the sole difference being the playability of everyone on the map by players). IX: Possible List of the Scenarios 264 B.C.: Battle of Messana (Romans vs Syracusans then Romans vs Carthaginians) 263 B.C.: Siege of Syracuse (Romans vs Syracusans) 262-261 B.C.: Siege of Agrigentum (Romans vs Carthaginians) 260 B.C.: Battle of the Lipari Islands (Romans vs Carthaginians) (maybe) 260 B.C.: Battle of Mylae (Romans vs Carthaginians) (maybe) 259 B.C.: Siege of Aleria (Greeks vs Carthaginians) (maybe as an extra) 258 B.C.: Battle of Sulci Tyrrhenica (Romans vs Carthaginians)(maybe) 257 B.C.: Battle of Tyndaris (Romans vs Carthaginians) (maybe) 256 B.C.: Battle of Cape Ecnomus (Romans vs Carthaginians) 256 B.C.: Battle of Clypea (Romans vs Carthaginians) 256 B.C.: Battle of Adys (Romans vs Carthaginians) 256 B.C.: Siege of Tunis (Romans vs Carthaginians) 255 B.C.: Battle of Tunis (Romans vs Carthaginians) 254 B.C.: Siege and Battle of Panormus (Romans vs Carthaginians) 251 B.C.: Siege and Battle of Panormus (again) (Romans vs Carthaginians) 251 B.C.: Reconquest of Agrigentum (Romans vs Carthaginians) 249 B.C.: Battle of Draepanum (Romans vs Carthaginians) (maybe) 249 B.C.: Conquest of Eryx (Romans vs Greeks) 242 B.C.: Siege of Draepanum (Romans vs Carthaginians) March 10 241 B.C.: Battle of the Aegates (or Egadi Islands) (Romans vs Carthaginians) This has not been decided yet so it's just for example. For now, maximum 7 maps in the campaign and maybe some extras later. X Conclusion There's a lot of work and we'll need more volunteers for things out of our skills (like coders for new triggers and artists for new buildings and pictures). P.S.: Want to join the team? Then contact me by PM EDIT : github page of the project : https://github.com/0ADMods/campaign_first_punic_war
  2. This map is meant to be an accurate but fun and balanced reconstitution of the siege of Agrigentum taking place between 262-261 BC and followed by the battle of Agrigentum. So there should be a city in the middle easily defensible.It's Greek city named Akragas (which is btw one of the two rivers near it, it was named Agrigentum by the Romans), it would more likely tend to be like Sparta but there are similarities with Athens so I chose Sparta as their civ and maybe I'll give them some athenian units. They would be leaded by Hannibal Gisco (a Carthaginian general, the city was a possession of Carthage since the siege of Akragas in 403 BC) with a small Carthaginian army in it. The city would be besieged by 2 Roman legions in their camps protected by contravallation. There is also a circumvallation around the city and the Roman camps. There would be some Greek allies from Syracuse too (due to recent alliance with the King Hiero II of Syracuse). And out of the circumvallation there is a Carthaginian army led by Hanno who's taken small city of Erbesso nearby and cut by doing it the Roman reinforcements (Hiero's men). As you can see, it is only the very beginning. The whole thing still needs a lot of work. I invite you to let your comments and suggestions or questions below.
  3. I've decided to make a campaign about the first Punic War. It would be composed of 6 or 7 maps, maybe more. I've already started one, the Siege of Agrigentum (I'll make a topic on it in which I invite you to criticize my work, suggest modifications and correct possible historical inaccuracies). I'm aiming to finish at least 4 maps before Alpha 22's release. I'll make a topic for each of these maps in which I'll describe them. The First Punic War took place mostly in Sicily and between 264 and 241 BC so it's the right period for the Roman pre-marian reform civilization featured in the game. If you want to know more about this war : https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Première_guerre_punique Here I'm going to describe what the campaign would be. I've not really been thinking about it (lots of things are still to be determined) so I can only assure you this : Pitched battles aren't interesting to make (it would only be a map like the "We Are Legion" map), this game is not TW so it's no use to make them. So I'll only make sieges and battles that have had reinforcements (in the meaning towns or camps sending help). If you want to follow the progress and find other topics I'll make about this just click on the tag. I invite you to share your suggestions and ask your questions below. EDIT : lol I've put the link for the French article. Here is the link for the English one : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Punic_War I'll make a topic on the map Siege of Agrigentum this weekend.
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