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Found 3 results

  1. The First Punic War Campaign Project Guide I: Presentation of the Project This project aims to create a campaign for the main game which lack of it. This campaign will be, it's in the title, "The First Punic War". I've started a map named "Siege of Agrigentum", which is about a siege of the first Punic war, in August 2016. I've had no time to pursue making the map but now I have more time. And I decided to put this a step further last week by creating a team to start this great project. Team members: @Hannibal_Barca, @shieldwolf23, @Skhorn, @stanislas69 and me. II: Ob
  2. This map is meant to be an accurate but fun and balanced reconstitution of the siege of Agrigentum taking place between 262-261 BC and followed by the battle of Agrigentum. So there should be a city in the middle easily defensible.It's Greek city named Akragas (which is btw one of the two rivers near it, it was named Agrigentum by the Romans), it would more likely tend to be like Sparta but there are similarities with Athens so I chose Sparta as their civ and maybe I'll give them some athenian units. They would be leaded by Hannibal Gisco (a Carthaginian general, the city was a possession
  3. I've decided to make a campaign about the first Punic War. It would be composed of 6 or 7 maps, maybe more. I've already started one, the Siege of Agrigentum (I'll make a topic on it in which I invite you to criticize my work, suggest modifications and correct possible historical inaccuracies). I'm aiming to finish at least 4 maps before Alpha 22's release. I'll make a topic for each of these maps in which I'll describe them. The First Punic War took place mostly in Sicily and between 264 and 241 BC so it's the right period for the Roman pre-marian reform civilization featured in the game
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