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Found 1 result

  1. The League Fixture has been UPDATED: check the latest post. Hi all, We are working on Sunday Pro Games League Fixture. We came with some ideas. This is a controversial subject, so we would like to find a basic solution for the event. Currently, the league fixture is something like this: How did we come to these results? -If you are in the winning team you get 2 points. Otherwise, you got 1 point. -We divide 3 points between the players according to their KD, Military Score, and Kill counts. -Players can get a penalty(a yellow card) if they broke no dance, no wonder rule. 2 Yellow cards = 1 Red Card. The players who have a Red Card will be banned for the next match. For example, let's look at @JC (naval supremacist)'s score. He was in the losing team so he gets 1 point from the team game. He has 1.2 KD ratio. So, we look at total KD ratio: 7.86. If you divide 1.2/7.86 you get 0.15... points. Then military score. He has 4492 and the total military is 34511. If you divide 4492/34511 you get 0.13... Then Kill counts are involved. He has 405 kills and total kills are 2861. If you divide 405/2861 you get 0.14... points. If you sum up all the points, JC gets 0.42 Skill Points. And he has 1 point which is coming from the losing team. So 1 + 0.42 equals 1.42 points. Let me know what you think. Cheers,
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