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  1. I know this is the focus of the original Age of Empires, but more contemporary historians and programmers could do it more accurately and artistically. I love the AOEI, but I still think that a more realistic depiction of the Bronze Age is long overdue.

  2. What would everyone think of a prequel for the age of lost civilizations, the Bronze Age. Yes, the classic Iron Age civilizations of 0 AD are fascinating, but I think the game would be a great means of bringing these lost civilizations to attention. Here are my ideas for factions.

    -Indus Valley Civilization (Dravidians?)








    -Aryans/Indo-Iranians (Andronovo culture, Vedic culture)


    -Luwians (e.g. Trojans)


    Obviously, less centralized/developed cultures like the ancient Berbers, Dravidians and north Europeans could eventually be added in. Having the roster expand eastward into China would be nice, but I am not too familiar with Bronze Age East Asia (Xia? Shang?). The game would very much be based on chariots and runners, and would act out classic Bronze Age scenarios like those of Homer and the Rigveda. Perhaps there could be some sort of race to discover (effective) iron production to win the game or at least a great advantage?

  3. There are "Marian" Legions in the game already, with a Centurion unit. It wouldn't be difficult to add Julius Caesar in a mod (we might just add Julius Caesar ourselves as an editor unit), and a handful of Germanic units.The Republican Romans in 0 A.D. Part 1 will have the Siege Walls, pretty much modeled on Caesar's siege walls at Alesia, so the Marians could easily be modded to be able to build them (once the walls are put into the game, that is; I may even add that ability to the Marian legions myself).

    I'm very glad to hear this. So it appears that a faction representing this important (albeit short) era in Roman history could be modded very easily using 'Atlas.' So hopefully, we will be able to see chain-mail wearing Republican (or Caesarist) legionnaires battling Gauls at Alesia...

    While germany might not have been founded untill that time, the germanic tribes were much earlier and were even older than the romans and celts. and yes, the Romans actually called them Germans. If you study them then they arew basicaly the same as Russ or Vikings, having originated in Scandinavia and worshiping the same gods.

    Exactly. The Germanic tribes were a distinctive branch of the 'Indo-European' peoples who migrated to Europe, long before the German unification in 1871. And yes, "German" is the proper noun for a member of one of these tribes. Hehehehe...

  4. If there is a post-Marian Late Republican/Caesar era Roman army made available, a Gallic Wars campaign would be a great addition to the game.

    The player, as Julius Caesar's army, would start with the initial fight against the Helvettii and their allies to protect Rome's Gaulish allies and would finish the campaign by defeating Vercingetorix at Alesia. The player would have the chance to conquer all of Gaul, as well as cross the Rhine and the English channel. Keep in mind that the Rome of Julius Caesar (et al.) was very different from the Republican faction to be released in part one and from Imperial Rome...


    Caesar's Legions - Post-Marian Republican Rome

    Gaulish tribes - Celts (Gaul)

    Belgians - Celts (Gaul)*

    British tribes - Celts (Britain)

    Suebi and other Germanic tribes - Germans

    Aquitanians - Iberians

    *The Belgic tribes may have have been related to the Germanic tribes (Caesar implies a Germanic origin), but whatever the veracity of this is the Belgians are known to have adopted Celtic culture

  5. How about the Tocharians; the mysterious white/Europoid people that helped spread Buddhism in China. And let's not forget about the nomads of the east: the (proto-)Mongols, the Scythians and the Turks (eg. the Tartars, Uyghurs, etc). Unfortunately, we do not know if the Xiongnu (and/or the Huns) were proto-Mongolian, Turkic, or both...

    Oh and should an Indian civilization be included, someone should be able to make an Indo-Greek faction. :)

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  6. Excellent! Perhaps someone possibly could eventually make:

    *The Phoenicians/other Semites based on Carthage

    *The Scythians/Medians/Babylon out of the Persians (although less so the Scythians, due to their being less urban than the other Iranian civs)

    *The Late Republican Romans (the era of Caesar and Pompey) from the early Republicans

    *The Etruscans/other Italians from the Romans (and Greeks, especially in the case of the Etruscans)

    I know this is a bit of a pipe dream, but I think it is worth mentioning

  7. I know, it's a lot of repetition, but there aren't many options. Perhaps the Celtic campaign can wait for future parts of the game- Marius'/Caesar's Rome for a Vercingetorix campaign and/or Imperial Rome for a Boudica campaign?

    As for the Persians... Well, couldn't the Atlas tool create Babylonians, Assyrians, etc? No one would really care if their buildings/units weren't 100% accurate...

  8. If each faction could only have one campaign, I would suggest these:

    Hellenes/Greeks - Alexander (or perhaps a campaign that covers the whole struggle against the Persian empire, from the rebellion against Cyrus to Alexander's conquest)

    Carthage - Punic Wars- especially Hannibal's victories in Italy (against Iberian rebels, hostile Alpine Gauls and Rome)

    Romans - Punic Wars (against Iberians, Gauls and Carthage)

    Persians - Cyrus' expansion (or perhaps the expansion of the Achaemenid empire in general)

    Iberians/Spanish - Infighting with other tribes and Mediterranean colonists.

    Celts - Same as the above (it wouldn't be accurate to have Boudica or Vercingetorix fight against the Roman army before Marius' reforms)

  9. I'm almost certain that Parthia is one of the planned factions for part two. But I'm not sure if Pontus or Armenia were ever a huge problem for any of the big empires (ie Rome and Persia), compared to the Parthians.

  10. That will probably be the case. I'm not too sure of the differences between the two dynasties in terms of military, architecture, technology, but I'd be interested if someone were willing to explain, especially the military. For example, did the Sassanids rely on light infantry like the Achaemenids did?

  11. My idea was to do a patch that would span between the Republican Romans and Imperial Romans (covering the Marian Reforms and the time of Pompeii, Antony and Cleopatra, and Caesar, the Successor Kingdoms, etc.), then the Imperial Romans in Part 2 would be Trajan and Hadrian's Romans.

    I like this... I'd be interested in seeing if your idea somehow goes through.

  12. (How) do you plan to include the Marian Reforms for the Republican Romans? Will it be a technology that converts all infantry into legionnaires, or will legionnaires simply be a separate unit from the velites, hastati, etc? Like most of my topics, this is a bit trivial but just out of curiosity I would like to know.

  13. What about a series of levels leading to the (unfortunate) assassination of Caesar? (Similar to Caesar's campaign in AOEI)

    - Start of Gallic Wars

    - British Expedition

    - German Expedition

    - Fall of Vercingetorix

    - March on Rome

    - Civil War (Munda?)

    To be fair, leaving out the war against Hannibal and the war between Octavius and Marcus Antonius would be leaving out a lot of Roman Republican history. However, we can't expect the programmers to be able to do all of this... Perhaps more campaigns will be available after the initial release?

  14. The Persian people have one of the richest histories in the world and they are one of the few peoples that rivaled the greatness of Rome. Persian is a beautiful language too and I hope the development team can use your knowledge of it. Even after the brutal barbarian invasion that enslaved Persia in the 7th century the people still thrived thrived throughout the ages. Let's hope that someday the mullahs will go away and Persia will return to its former glory.

  15. Great ideas. I have been thinking of how fun a prehistorical RTS would be. In many ways it would be simpler than historical RTSs in the sense that the civs wouldn't differ much (ie Eurasians, Africans) but it would be so complex with environments ranging from canyons to (temperate) rain forests plus the wildlife that inhabits each area. Maybe even the neanderthals would make it in as a faction or a non-playable faction.

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