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  1. Hi,

    I've played some games and found some trouble on the Dynamic territories mechanics on 0 A.D.


    I've started a game on archipelago with locked teams, my ally would make his civic center pronto, I couldn't build much but docks as my ally was on the same Island. You know the motto, I had to find another island, avoid enemies and so on with low resources. I couldn't help my ally borders. The result: my ally got not enough alone and so we both lose.


    - There could be some kind of game where you could build on allied territory or at least build one civic center on allied territory in order to progress. On most RTS games I've used this kind of mechanics, since I'm much of a hard defense player.

    - Allowing to exclude all this borders mechanics on some kind of multiplayer game would be more Dynamic. Even so, the dynamics of building something on enemy territory is a nice catch, but it would be better if you could build, but to let you know you'll lose it to the other player if you keep it in there. You'll make some profit but your enemy will notice you!

    - Since it's more historically based I think that dynamics on territories can also have some handicap. Let's say, if you build something on allied territory you take double the time to produce units, on enemy territory make it four times harder.


    I guess something must be done in order to make this smoother. Custom rules for multiplayer would do and will not change the entire game whatsoever. It's like cities are not multi ethnic on ancient times, and we really know that's not true. We can board on allied ships but can't help'em build their empire and their defenses? I know that this is a game, but that lacks some sense. Another possibility I can see is to reduce the allied territory each building can assemble, but I guess that would produce the same kind of problem and really change the game's mechanics.

    As for so, that's the one failure I've had with this game and it really got me down!

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