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  1. Aint I adorable?

    This is the pic I put up whenever someone wants a pic of me, I seriously should uploa a real one one of those days ^^

    Im cuter then all of you! (except Akya, shes cuter than me)

    Now you werent expecting me to post were you?

    All your SO are belong to us! (except Revenge of the Sith, im not having another homo erotic adventure with a movie filled with men and big long things they llike to swing around, that sounded wrong, live with it)

    *runs away*


    Shykreism prevails!

    Oh and heres a REAL PICTURE ME

    *edit* Wow im in the core group! What does that do again! Gimme money! Oh and bow to me for some reason

  2. *sees the bombs coming*

    ACH! We painted the fleet in Axis colors to trick them!

    *takes out a duck*

    *waves duck*

    *hits a bomb with duck*


    *bomb flies back up*

    *duck follows bomb*

    *duck hits Shogun in the face*

    *Shogun now has a duck on his head*

    *shykre quacks*

  3. Hear ye, hear ye


    You are a roman soldier heading to defeat ignomious barbarians of Carthago. You must be the soldier, speak as if you were him, inside his mind and his perceptions.

    You have 1000-1500 words to write the short story. Anything can be welcome. You are a soldier heading to battle...

    Veni, Vedi, Vici?

    The contest ends on FEBRUARY 29th 2004 (thank god or the gods depending if your pagan, for such a wondrous day :P)

    Please EMAIL your work ONLY ONCE to the following addresses



    A reception notice from both addresses will be sent as soon as we get the work.

    Good luck to all.

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