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  1. I am well aware that the game developers owe us nothing. However, it is wrong to start a project and then purposely get people's hopes up saying "soon", "soon", "soon", then year after year after year goes by, and no end comes to site. In this case, developers are better off not even announcing or hinting the project until a good 2-3 years into development.

    This game has been under development for I think 7 years now? At the 7 year mark, you'd think the developers could give us a rough estimate for release time, even if the project is not being funded.

    For those of you who might not know, Rise & Fall can no longer be played online. Everytime my brother and I try, it says "a general networking error has occured". It has not been the most pleasant experience knowing that while Rise & Fall is gone, 0AD is not there to turn to. =/

  2. Yes, the severs could charge a fee to keep them running. I would be willing to pay, that's for sure.

    On top of that, some fan out there could dedicate a server for it that is already dedicated to other things as well. Then it will pay for itself.

    I think it would be insane not to have a place for communities to gather and play multi-player.

  3. Honestly I think an Expack for AoE1 is a complete waste of time.

    Things have moved on. 0AD is something much more worth our time.

    We will always remember AoE for what it was, and always look up to it for what it started. But going back to it just isn't an option with today's breakthrough 3D graphics Technology in RTS gaming.

  4. Looks like WildFire Games is getting some ideas from Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War. After all, we all have to love Rick Goodman from his ideas! 0AD was meant to continue what Rick Goodman started with AoE1.

    BTW, with Rise & Fall, ships were to scale. Men were the right size on the ship, and the ship could fit up to like 200 ore more men on it. You could also ram, board, and capture enemy ships out at sea. Ramming was available upon training a "drummer" onboard the ship.

    I encourage all the designers at Wild Fire Games to adopt many of Rick Goodman's ideas for Naval Combat and Formation Combat. Study that game thoroughly! You will see that Rise & Fall's Naval Combat and Formation System is the best seen in RTS so far!

  5. The reason I like it is because new strategies have evolved, and new build-orders have been invented making it more intense than it's ever been before--especially on Sands of War map.

    It's more "epic" in "battle feel" than any RTS to-date. The graphics are still ahead of it's time. No other historical RTS meets the graphic quality, beauty, and army sizes altogether as does Rise & Fall.

    I have a Dell XPS M1710 Gaming Laptop with all the latest graphics hardware. I'm able to turn the graphics and FULL pitch on both Age3 and Rise & Fall with no lag or choppiness. Rise & Fall still winds hands down in terrain, water, and unit art. Age3 wins in sunlight and "glow", that's all.


  6. I'm sure this question has been asked before, but please be aware that I have already done a search and my results did not get my questions answered.

    If it has been answered elsewhere, please forgive me.

    Online Multiplayer is critical for me. That is all I play. About a year ago when I visited this site, Wildfire was still unsure what would happen regarding an online Multiplayer community. The regular "LAN" game seemed to be the only answer to the tremendous expense of having online 24/7 servers.

    But my question is, has Wildfire thought of any solutions since then? Is there any way to have something like "ESO" (I pray not Gayspy!) ?

    Is there any sort of income feed that can self-pay for some online servers? I cannot wait to get onine with this game and kick some booty. A game like this is non-existant without online multiplayer.

    I play Rise & Fall online all the time. IN fact, it's the only other RTS game I play. Why? It's the ONLY RTS game that is the closest to Age of Empires 1 besides 0AD. After all, Rise & Fall was created by Rick Goodman, the creator of Age of Empires 1 and the man who invented the whole "Age of Empires" concept! (by the way, you 0AD fans are playing Rise & Fall, right? I mean, you guys are really behind the times if you're not .... even our late Pheonix-TRD had RnF as one of his biggest wishes---to play RnF before he died. Rise & Fall keeps me happy while I wait for 0.AD.)

    Anyway, looking forward to your comments. :)


  7. It just boggles me how I've been desparately trying to play that 0 A.D. video right on the home-page, but it simply shows nothing. I have the latest version of Quicktime, and I have Windows XP.

    It doesn't work on any computer.

    There must be a missing codec, but in that case it makes me wonder why the news moderator did not intruct us regarding what codec to download.

    Anyone here have any ideas?

    P.S. If I download the vide as in "Save As...", and then play it in Windows Meda Player instead of Quicktime, I get sound, but no video. But in Quicktime = no sound, no video.

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