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  1. I think rams are over powered and I don't understand why thy can't be beaten with all melee troops. It does not make sense that you need a sword to bring them down. You can bring down a whole city with towers an castles with a few rams and some supporting units if your opponent doesn't have any strong swordsmen.

    The most promising strategy to counter rams and catapults seem to be using rams too. So you have rams against rams and rams against catapults. That's absurd in my opinion.

    (By the way, but off topic: since v17 everything depends on wood, that's no improvement in my opinion. In v16 it was up to your strategy, your civ and the phase of the game whether wood or malt where more important)

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  2. Congratulations for the new version. It seems to be the result of a long and hard work. Thanks to anybody who has contributed. But I must admit that I am a bit disappointed about the new balancing:

    1.) The game is much more boring without the strategical choose of tech development.

    2.) Everything depends on wood now. For example all roman units do cost wood now even the guard units. So it does not make sense anymore to play on maps without much wood.

    3.) Romans where weak in the early game state against civs with good ranged unites but became strong in the second and last phase. Now they are just weak in all phases.

    All in all I do appreciate the technical improvements very much, but the new balancing is a step backward in my opinion.

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  3. The siege towers of the Macedonians are way to strong. If you have two or tree of them fully loaded with soldiers and you put some guards around them, its almost impossible to destroy them. Even with a huge cavalry (thy go down like ninepins). Those towers are to strong against buildings as well. If someone knows to use siege towers, he will win the game.

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