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  1. Ensemble is Dead.

    I'm sorry for your uncle, and I'm really interested in Vietnam. Infact, there IS a first-person shooter called Battlefield Vietnam were you can play both as the NVA, the Cong, the SVA and the USA. You can chose different types of guns, fly airplanes or ride tanks, and I think it's really fun.

    I hate hippies who wail over dead trees, but I like the environment, but throwing rocks at soldiers who were DRAFTED into the army doesn't make sense. It wasn't their fault.

    My Grandfather and his brothers/fathers/uncles were also a victim to the draft in Greece during the Greco-Turkish war, and during the Axis occupation, my father saw three young boys take down the Nazi Swastika on top of the Parthenon in Greece, and replace it with the rightful flag. When the Nazi Patrols came and saw this, they shot them. They shot all the three of them. They were boys, 16-18. My grandfather will never forget their patriotism (I can't remember if he was or wasn't in the army during world war 2, because then his draft time would have been done).

    Anyway, I support you.

    It's also incredibly hypocritical. They're basically saying: "we don't like violence, so we're going to throw rocks at you". Anyone who is truely against war understands that soldiers are it's main victims, not perpetrators - that's the politicians.

  2. I didn't know it had been done before. Was it any good? It should be possible to do without really detracting from the pace of battles. I can see that it might be difficult to implement well, and you're all obviously busy with other, more important things. Do you thing this could go on a "future possibilities" list, or can you not really see it working?

  3. Just an idea that came to me, I don't know what you guys think, but I'm pretty sure this has never been done before; what if horses where to be considered seperate to their riders? So, when one dies, the other can still live on (the rider would lose some health when their horse died due to it collapsing on them). So, if a rider survives the death of his horse, he can fight on foot, or find a new mount. If the horse survives and it's rider, it would become sort of wild, but wouldn;t attack, or run away from people. And, rather than hunting it, any foot soldier would have the ability to mount it (irrespective of team). When "wild", the horse might wonder about a little, but not very quickly, or very far. There could maybe be a similar system for artillery pieces, by which the artillery/seige weapon can be destroyed seperately from it's crew (and vice versa) then they can fight, or crew another piece. What d'you guys all think?

  4. Just wondering, are advanced physics (ragdolls, etc.) possible on your engine? And, if so, are you considering implementing that sort of thing? (It would probably eat up slower systems, but, provided it was only implemented as eye candy, and didn't really affect gameplay, it could probably be turned off).

  5. Looks fantastic, as usual. I really just can't get over how good that water looks! I take it from this that ships will hold units realisticly? (None of that "this digny can hold 300 people in it's invisible cabin" nonsense).

  6. Many people who play RTS like TW are going to be interested. Wouldn't it be good to promote your game on their site's.

    Prabably not a great idea; most commercial developers don't want to advertise a free alternative to their game on their own site, or for anyone else to. Maybe a TW fansite would be ok, but there probably won't be many experienced developers there.

  7. Basically, I'm thinking about applying for a position in either the music department, or as an assistant producer (thought about programmer, but I don't think my abilities are up to it). Just wondering, which positon is in greater demand? Where would I be most needed? (If anywhere).

  8. I'd have thought that the larger the fanbase was, the more potential team-members you could have, but if you're just looking for people with expertise, then sites like gamedev.net would be the places to show this off. Which is convenient, because that's much easier to do than getting a game advertised on fileplanet.

  9. This game is fantastic in comparison with almost every other free game in development, even in its unfinished state, it's still looking like it could be measured against commercial games. I reckon all we'd need to do is get it in the right places and its public status will escalate from there (as you guys have said, it's pretty hard to find). I suggest that all the big games sites are contacted, with links to the work:





    That's all the major ones I can think of off the top of my head, so that list would be much bigger. The likelihood is, some of them won't even read the e-mail, but all you need is for one site to give it some coverage, and interest should soar. Don't limit it to the major gamesites either, just go for any site which could have any kind of interest in this game.

    Obviously interviews and such would be good too, but probably more difficult, since it would require the precious time of a dev team member.

  10. Just wondering, especially now that the video is out, whether 0 A.D. could do with someone to run some interent promotion? This would range from anonymous spamming of random games forums about it, to organising websites to host and advertise the trailer and whatever else you want. By the way this is both a suggestion and an offer. :)

  11. It's hard to tell from this picture, but do the archers have a supply of arrows on their backs? I never like to see archers pull arrows out of mid-air. On a similar note, will the seige engines have a crew? I find the common approach to having an "invisible crew" annoyingly unrealistic.

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