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  1. Hello! My name is Igor and I am the leader of the TheOneGame team. Recently I was lucky to come across your game in the Internet. I am simply struck! Everything is looking awesome!

    I and my team were engaged in creation huge mod for the game The Battle for Middle-Earth 2. But now, we wanted something new, something with better graphic and better gameplay. Therefore we decided to address to you to you for council and the help =)

    At first, I want to tell a little about our future project.

    Our team plans to make new game about the world created by the J.R.R. Tolkien. For this, we need really good game engine. And we think, that your game engine suitable for our project.

    Make a lot of unique factions is really difficult. So we decided for a start to make only 2 factions: Mordor and Gondor. Each faction will have 6-8 heroes, 10-12 units, unique magic and tactics. Gameplay will be like in The Battle for Middle-Earth 2, but with a lot of changes.

    Everything is done to start a project. But at first we want to ask your some questions =)

    1) can we count on your support in technical questions?

    2) is it real to make a game on you engine with gameplay like in bfme 1\2?

    Finally, let me sow you some our works:












    PS:Sorry for my English =)

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