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  1. Oh, ok, this is a 3 Mb of log file!

    However these lines constantly repeate:

    WARNING: JavaScript warning: simulation/ai/common-api-v2/entity.js line 279 reference to undefined property this._entity.hitpoints

    WARNING: JavaScript warning: simulation/ai/common-api-v2/entity.js line 62 reference to undefined property this._template.Health

    ERROR: JavaScript error: simulation/ai/common-api-v2/entity.js line 62 TypeError: this._template.Health is undefined ()@simulation/ai/common-api-v2/entity.js:62 ()@simulation/ai/common-api-v2/entity.js:280 ()@simulation/ai/common-api-v2/entity.js:282 ([object Object],"5589",[object Object])@simulation/ai/qbot-wc/economy.js:238 ([object Object])@simulation/ai/common-api-v2/entitycollection.js:79 ([object Object])@simulation/ai/qbot-wc/economy.js:238 ([object Object],[object Object],[object Array])@simulation/ai/qbot-wc/economy.js:754 ()@simulation/ai/qbot-wc/qbot.js:132 ([object Object])@simulation/ai/common-api-v2/base.js:147 @:0

  2. Sadly the swastika is just a graphic symbol while racism and antisemitism are global no matter the symbol. I see nationalism and racism and hatred and political parties gain their power by turning citizens against each other while spreading them by blood or belives and all of these without any relation to the Nazis or their symbols.

    Furthermore, their moral claim is that they're not as bad as the Nazis.

    So from a moral point of view using the swastika symbol can be offensive to those who actually seen their relativesget killed by the Nazi party but they don't play computer games. A lot of people might find it offensive but I find the banning of the symbol itself without the additional meaning offensive.

    Anyway I think the old Swastikas where with round edges and this solves the problem, isn't it?

  3. The extream values of the blur did it, of course. But also some features on the screen, like the tree from the ledt of the castle witch is half in focus and half blurred made me think this is just a blur filter with mask.

    But realizing this is Depth Of Field makes this screenshot looks really amazing. I guess that in the game the values would be much more subtle...

  4. The conversion could work "christianity" style: First need a temple to make ceremonies, the a wonder building to symbolize, then a god.

    After building these 3 things, preists can be made. They can convert, but it won't be a deterministic proccess, it will have a matter of chance. The chance and conversion time will rise the more preists there are and the more converted fanatic units there are around.

    Or avoid it alltogether...

  5. Maybe the stories can overlap 0.a.d ones. I mean, telling the same stories of conquest but from the conqueror or the fighter point of view and not the empire, like 0.a.d. The plots can advance together but in a different time scale. The AI can simulate a battle or a game but 50 times slower, and the player will have the chance to change the scale.

    But above all this would require a very rich and imaginative story and very very rich map with sub maps.

    This king of development will assist the development of part 2 by providing most of the code neede for campaigns, multy levels and branching storyline.

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