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Garrisoning units

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Well it's not hard, you just have to know a couple of things.

Here's my topic where I asked the exact same thing https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/24774-garrison-units-from-the-editor/&tab=comments#comment-361355


Basically you've to "invoke" a trigger script and let it do what you want; in this case I wanted to garrison people, so:

1- Trigger:

Trigger.prototype.InitMyMap_GarrisonBuildings = function()

2- Who do I want to garrison?  I want infantry units, he'll decide which ones; they have to be romans and be Elite:

let romeInfantryUnits = TriggerHelper.GetTemplateNamesByClasses("CitizenSoldier+Infantry", "rome", undefined, "Elite", true);

3- Where and how many people do I want to garrison? I want the 20% of the maximum garrison number in everything that responds to the class of tower; they've to be Roman infantry units, belonging to player 1:

TriggerHelper.SpawnAndGarrisonAtClasses(2, "Tower", romeInfantryUnits, 1); 


Before you do anything, though, you've to tell the game he's to look where the triggers are, in my case in


The first one is the reference for triggers in the whole game, the second one is my personal script referred to that particular map

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