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Random Map Script:Fortress

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Much of the credit goes to FeXoR for his wall system. In this map you start in a fortress. There you have more starting units, some starting buildings and a bunch of resource piles.


Unfortunately the gates don't work. So there is an open space in the walls. It'll be closed when gates are implemented.

Enjoy and don't forget to comment. :cheers:


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Can you attach your mainlog?

this looks like an error as atlas is frozen. did you use the lastest svn version? did you copy the wall system in the zip into your rmgen directory? it is a modified version.

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Here are the relevant lines:

Initializing map...

Creating new map...

WARNING: Fortress type '[object Object]' not found, falling back to 'palisades' default

ERROR: JavaScript error: maps/random/rmgen/wall_builder.js line 783 TypeError: element is undefined (0,0,0)@maps/random/rmgen/wall_builder.js:783 ([object Object])@maps/random/rmgen/wall_builder.js:838 @maps/random/fortress.js:178

ERROR: CMapGeneratorWorker::Run: Failed to load RMS 'maps/random/fortress.js'

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