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0 A.d. Features On Geek-Haven.com & The Var Guy

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Two new pieces up on 0 A.D. on the interwebs: First, we have a new interview up at Geek-Haven.com:

What obstacles do the 0 A.D. game developers face? Perhaps on a day-to-day level, and perhaps on a larger scale?

[...] First, we are a group of volunteers from all over the world, in very different timezones, contributing in several different fields. Coordinating everybody so that we’re on the same page can be challenging. It requires effective management and good communications. We have weekly IRC meetings and forums to help cope with that for team discussions. (Our conversations can get pretty silly, which is awesome.)

[... W]e would also like to attract new contributors willing and able to help complete 0 A.D. Our general approach to this is to release regularly and often, and keep letting the world know about our progress. Since August 2010 we have released an alpha version every 70 days on average, and we intend to keep releasing more alpha versions at about the same frequency (or slightly greater) until the game is feature-complete. If any developers out there are reading this, you are welcome to get involved.

Especially if you're not familiar with our previous interviews, read the whole thing.

Next, there's an update by Chris Tozzi up on The VAR Guy (formerly WorksWithU), who has been covering the project since 2009:

The last time we wrote about 0 A.D. was in December 2010, shortly after it had reached its third alpha release. Since then, a lot has changed–and for the better, as the developers have steadily improved the game and increased the momentum of the project, which only a couple years ago was nearing stagnation.

The 0 A.D. team attributed its progress in recent months to the enthusiasm of contributors, both new and old, who have passionately committed themselves and their skills to the project:

"All of this is thanks to new contributors who have joined the team, as well as the existing team members who keep providing great contributions. We have a professional composer playing the bouzouki and the Spanish guitar at home for the benefit of the gaming public worldwide, a sound team recording sounds of water splashing and dogs barking, programmers grappling problems from raising framerates to fine-tuning the AI’s strategy, and artists drawing maps of Mediterranean landscapes, animating giraffes and texturing fortresses."

Read the whole thing!

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Yeesh. The selection of screenshots they chose is unnerving. From now on for every interview we need to send a flock of picked screenshots along with our answers.

Absolutely agreed, PLEASE send me a flock of photos and I will resolve the terrible selection of screen shots. Even better a few gameplay clips and any other content of interest.

When poaching the sites for images it appeared as if there was a java anti image leaching script installed and Google gave me the images that are shown.

Again drop me some images I'll have them up pretty quick.

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