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Linux Journal Reviews 0 A.D.!

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We got a raving review by John Knight at Linux Journal!

<blockquote>What becomes inescapable are the gorgeous graphics, with beautiful 3-D rendering, especially when you scroll around the map. In particular, I noticed some photographically mapped rocks, and trees are lush and green, rendered in a very tasteful and intricate 3-D. [...] Oceans move around dynamically with rippling water, beaches graduate from pebbles to sand and move gently on to the seemingly random but convincing beach vegetation, which itself graduates into thicker inland bush. Everything's just so organic.

[... T]his is the first RTS I'm actually enthused about, and I'll keep a close eye on it in the future. The graphics are easily on par with commercial efforts (and even better than quite a few). Hopefully, the gameplay dynamics are just as solid as development continues. My keen hope is that the free 0 A.D. one day dominates LAN parties and caf├ęs, outdoing its commercial rivals and becoming a free software gaming classic.</blockquote>

The print version is from November 2010, so this is sort of old news, but the online version is still cool!

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