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  1. Mod Name: Civilization A.D Type: Total Conversion Compatibility: Would be nice if it were compatible with Delenda Est & Special Builders Description: I love playing Civilization V, however I've never really liked the combat of Civ. V. I always wanted Real Time battles to be available for Civ. V. As such, I have devised a neat way of playing Civilization V games. Whenever combat is engaged with any of my units, play the combat out in game. Then I exit Civ. 5 and play another RTS game to simulate a Real Time battle. For example, if the civilization I am at war with is in the Ancient or Classical Era (assuming I am too), then I would use 0 A.D. for the real time effect and devise a scenario accordingly in the map editor. Unfortunately the problems begin whenever a Medieval Era civilization is at war with a civilization in the Ancient, classical, or any other era. There is simply no RTS game with viable graphics and gameplay that incorporates factions from all eras that would allow me to simulate the desired Real Time Strategy. Sure, Company of Heroes works for two modern civilizations, but alas you cannot blow up Macedonian Pike-men with Panzers via CoH. Nor will Age of Empires 3 work (at least until the Wars of Liberty Mod comes out with their ww1 expansion). The Age of Empires 3, Wars of Liberty Mod does have enough reach of Eras to fulfill the Medieval, Renaissance, and Imperial/Colonial ages, but not Ancient nor Modern. As such I would like to propose the idea that someone or a team of people create a mod that adds factions, buildings, units, and technology covering a range of time periods. And I WILL BE WILLING TO PAY TO HAVE SOMEONE MAKE THIS MOD FOR ME. Please reply if you are interested and we can get in contact via email and discuss the details further. What this mod could do: It simply adds new factions, units, buildings, technology, and maps. It does not change or edit existing factions, units, buildings, etc. Extensive modeling, skinning, and physics might be necessary. Especially for building medieval to modern buildings and units and for working gun-powder weapons to ballistics and explosive weapons (tanks, ww2 guns, etc). I do not know if it is possible to pursue such an endeavor, however this mod would be quite extensive as 51 entirely factions would be added. Added Factions to Existing Game: Medieval Age Factions: 1) Holy Roman Empire 2) France 3) England 4) Italy (Italian City States) 5) Slavs (Russia) 6) Spain 7) Ottomans 8) Saracens 9) Byzantines 10) Aztecs 11) India 12) Japan 13) China Imperial Ages Factions: 1) Austria 2) France 3) Prussia 4) Russia 5) Spain 6) Great Britain 7) America 8) Ottomans 9) Ethiopia 10) Sweden 11) India 12) Japan 13) China WW1 Age Factions: 1) America 2) Germany 3) Russia 4) France 5) Great Britain 6) Ottoman Empire 7) Austrian-Hungarian Empire WW2 Age Factions: 1) America 2) Germany 3) Soviet Russia 4) Great Britain 5) France 6) Japan 7) Italy 8) China 9) Turkey Modern Age Factions: 1) North America 2) European Union 3) South America 4) Russia 5) China 6) Japan 7) India 8) Middle East 9) Africa
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