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  1. Hello everyone, I have found this game and I love the whole concept behind this project. I'm a computer engineer and I have worked before on projects with C++ or javascript. I already programmed in unity but this seems very different to me and I'd like to get the experience of working in this project. First of all, I downloaded the source code from the svn repository and compiled it, then I continued looking for tasks required to complete but when I read it I don't know where to start and how your code works. It's really hard for me find a beggining. I started by taking a look at the simple tasks but I don't know which to choose because they look like they are resolved or have people working on it or I don't know if that bug actually exists. I've read Finding_Your_Way_Around, Mod_Layout and GettingStartedProgrammers. Do you have a tip for me? How can I understand better your code and it's operation? Which simple task do you recommend me? How did you personally started on this project? I'd like to be a very valuable programmer in this project and contribute as much as possible. I have been translating the game to spanish as Antonio_vazquez while I try to find out how to start. Thank you for your help, I am looking forward to your response.
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