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  1. Good afternoon! Firstly, I want to say many thanks to the developers. There are too few games dedicated to this era and I really enjoyed your game! There is a request - to make a global map for a single player game in the form of a company, as it is implemented in the Total War series of games. For example, a player begins with an ordinary leader of a tribe and gradually seizes the territories of neighboring states and establishing his empire, concludes alliances and conducts construction and trade. The starting card will be a kind of capital city. A player, recruiting troops there, could send them to other places, since resources near the city were depleted and he would need to receive new deposits on other maps. After the seizure of the city, one could leave the garrison there and seize the territory, or rob and screw up a tribute. If capture takes place, then the player can create in this area only objects for the extraction of resources and fortifications. Similarly, other states act on the map, capturing or losing territory. I think it would be interesting. There was still such a thought: a unit constructor. I saw in one game. We have a population. Some of the men we can call in the army. They can be armed with a sword, spear with a shield or bow, give them armor. These will be militias, they fight poorly. But you can send them to the camp to train, then after a certain time we get a professional warrior, which we can arm with the same weapons. This would be more realistic than the "buildings-which-give-birth-soldiers"
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