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  1. Hi 0ad community I'd like to comment on something I saw mentioned on recent changes I don't know if you're referring to a possibility to a modder or to eventually added or modified stock game units, but I think doing damage and capture on the same attack may be a hassle. That's because the most effective way of capturing a garrisionable structure is dealing it enough damage so that it becomes ungarrisioned and only after that moment capturing takes place. In normal conditions, that is, in a balaced game this is the only way I'm able to capture anything near structures that can do ranged attack. The only way I can think that damaging and capturing at the same time will not cause the accidental destruction of the structure is if damage is done only if units are explicitly told to do damage, that is, attacking with CTRL held up. Doing damage while told to capture doesn't look like a great idea to me Thank all of you for contributing your time to this great game! Looking forward to that update, it looks really awesome!
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