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  1. I already figured out several issues of the game. And the main problem seems to me that the software do not use all the system resources in a proper way. Usually, I play high economy-based, without unit-limits. Therefor it happens that the map gets too fast too small for all players. Not enough resources, not enough space. Moreover, the bigger maps invent a complete new way of playing. For example, you have to place your units and cities on strategic places on the map, because the time to travel through the whole mat would be too long. It is more close to a "open world". I have several ideas for mods in combination with the bigger maps, but I didn't find the time to implement it, yet.
  2. Thank you, smiley, for the code and thanks to all for the support. I will report you my results as soon as I tested it. The issue is not solved, because it is not implemented in the regular code, but I think we have a solution.
  3. Can you tell me where I have to implement the changes, in case I have to build it on my computer?
  4. That is what I mean. I am afraid if the basics are not OK, than the volunteers invest a lot of time in a code which must be complete trashed, because it is more easy to write it new, in worst case. In case of "Latium" I need 12 seconds for a 512 map and 38 seconds for a 1024 map. For a lot of maps this won't be a big problem, but these more bigger maps offer a lot of fun. If it is able to patch, is it possible to implement this in the next release? In my opinion an open-source software should not implement unadjustable boundaries.
  5. Indeed "out of memory" and "no lack of hardware resources" sounds like a conflict, but it is no hardware problem for sure. If the game can use just 4 GiB of RAM, then this sounds like the problem for me. How can I check this? The systeminfo.txt of the weaker machine is attached. By the way, this is a great game. I find it very sad that there are so many basic technology parts not up-to-date. Of course there is the fact, that the development started long time ago. But shouldn't it be a major strategy point of development to raise up the basics to the modern machines? system_info.txt
  6. If I try to generate random maps by the size of 1024 or bigger I receive an error message (Error generating random maps. Check application log for details.) and the loading process fails. The only exception is the "Latium" map, obviously due to the fact it's area is smaller by its quadratic form. However the "Latium" map fails at sizes of 2048 or higher as well. To reproduce the mod add the following folders and files in the Mod-folder. The mod is attached as a zip-file. The error log shows this information: The mod has been tested on 2 different computers with several Linux based operating systems (using openjdk). A lack of hardware resources is excluded. MapsForTitans.zip
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