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  1. what is this biased post lmao please stop pretending you didnt get bored of game after few years and 700 posts cause single player can bring about month of entertainment and then u know everything needed to win every game, multiplayer few months max also its not about gameplay that gets boring after few months cause every game or almost every is like that. its about why 0ad died
  2. Nah i didnt have many lags on 4v4 on 200unit/player limit with me as host. get better computer and net. Thought i have to admit there is perfomance issue but IMO its not what caused death of 0A.D.
  3. I tried single-player first and it was okay experience. Then I tried multi-player and i realized that only players out of 30 people who are online are either: AFK. Very new, not bored yet. This doesn't take long. Veterans who play games for years and for some reason didn't leave. But they often create a room and leave even when its full cuz they realise that game is not doing it for them anymore. Why in your opinion 0A.D. died?
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