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  1. On 7/19/2019 at 4:48 PM, historic_bruno said:

    I personally wouldn't want to collect email addresses. We could do something like providing a "recovery code" that you would have to make note of, and then could be used to delete or reset your account.

    Actually i wouldn't have a problem to give my email adress (as long as I don't get hundreds of spam/advertisement mails). Recover codes could also make sense.
    I just don't feel completeley comfortable with a solution with just one password and no possibility to recover the account.
    And since I linked my email adress to this account, I actually gave you the email already . :D

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  2. Now I just tried to login again, with the username and password which I filled in like an hour ago (they were still saved) and now the login worked. So maybe It was just a network issue.

    Since I don't know how your plans for the login are. Wouldn't a account with a email adress be worth a thought? This would make this whole discussion be useless, because I could just reset the password.

    I don't want to critisize anythink, it is just a suggestion. :)

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