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  1. So, I've noticed that when you move the camera there is a considerable amount of fps drop. I have a tendency to not trust my AMD ATI driver on linux, so I switched to the Intel GPU. Both were yielding about the same FPS in game, which I found weird. Until I looked at the screenshots I made for CPU use. I am attaching that below. On the left side of figure 1 you can see that how the Intel Core i7-4810MQ tries to juggle around single thread performance when using the dedicated AMD FirePro W4170M. On the right side, with the same FPS, the game is running on the Intel graphics. The CPU usage pattern, however, is different. To me as a dev this looks like a scheduling as well as a threading problem. I have the steps to replicate, so how can I profile the runtime to see what is causing this particular issue : Momentary stutter/lag when moving around, with all effects on low and no units. Is there an issue already tracked for this? Figure 1:
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