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  1. Thanks. I was just asking because i saw people playing smoothly with big numbers i guess ill just wait for a later release. Everything else about the game is epic thou.
  2. When playing games offline against the AI or telling the AI to do nothing when i have a lot of units game is barely playable also when moving the walls before placing them and moveing the camera huge amounts of in game frame drops i got an older amd processor amd phanom 2 x6 1055t and r9 280x i dont think i sohuld be having problems and ive seen so many clips on youtube of people running it ever so smoothly with huge amounts of units online or offline against bots with no jitter or frame drops whatsoever i change the install location from my system drive to somewhere else doest that impact it or something else and ive searched all over setting graphics to lowest turning everythig of gl and post procc everything and its still very hard to play same on all map sizes i know this is a ramble and all that but i really enjoy the game and wanted to check here if theres maybe something im missing ty in advance for all thye help
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