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  1. Let me upload myself here.. my cousin still banned and he bugs me twice a day
  2. thank you again... hsynersoy, YilmazGNG and jaguar is not banned anymore but M.T is still banned thank you in advanced... jaguar was me by the way....
  3. We are playing this game from internet cafe so that's why(same IP address) we all banned i think... can you do something about that please ? "by the way myself(who opens this topic) not playing this game anymore... so because lack of English my friends asked me to open this topic..." ~edit Our in game nicknames; hsynersoy YilmazGNG M.T ~thanks
  4. Soory bad english what is mean rating fakery
  5. due to bad internet connection i disconnected from game later on i figured out that i got banned. is there anything to do get me unbanned ? if this is not right place to write this im sorry. my username jaguar2 thank you in advance
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