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  1. Guys me and my brother were trying to play from 2 pcs that use the same router,but when i was hosting my brother couldnt join(although other players could join normally).What should i do?
  2. I was playing 1v1 rated game with Slawkes (1272) and because he was loosing he decided to end the game without resigning .Why do hosts have that opportunity to leave the game when everything is against them.Personally every time i host a game,i resign prior to quiting the game if i am loosing.My proposal is to count the game normally if the host leaves for any reason.
  3. I was in a rated game and suddenly my opponent decided to pause the game and leave(without telling me)!! I've been waiting him almost an hour.The only thing i can do is to pause the game too.What else can i do(i dont want to resign and loose the game)???
  4. same problem.My brother has an account and i am trying to create one from another pc but(this client has insufficient permissions to remove an account)
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