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  1. Awesome thank you very much for all the help! I'm glad I was able to contribute something.
  2. Thanks for the help! I created a new image for the tiger:
  3. Yes I can open that one just fine! Thank you very much! I think you forgot to pack the texture into the blend file though, because when rendered the tiger turns pink. It uses the material Material.001, which references the animal_tiger.png file and that one seems to be non existing. Could you pack the image into the .blend file (I think it should be as simple as File -> External Data -> Pack all into .blend)? Or should I download the texture file and try to put it in myself?
  4. I downloaded the tiger file from here. Then I open blender, hit import and select the file. Blender then tells me that there was an error and I should go check the console. the console prints: Schema validation error: Critical error: Additional: Entity 'larr' not defined Schema validation error: Critical error: Additional: Entity 'rarr' not defined One thing that come to mind is that maybe I shouldn't download just the file but clone the whole svn repository. Are there maybe some dependecies?
  5. Hi I went over some more of the portraits and the one for the horse and one for the tiger really stood out to me. They seem to be created from the games 3D models. I really like them. They look great even up close, but I think they would look even better with some different posing, lighting and the glow added. Here is what they currently look like: Now my question is: Where do I find the models for that? I looked around the art repository for the tiger model. The only thing I could find was this blend file, but it is an untextured version and it also looks a little different, so I suspect it might be an old model. I also tryed to open the tiger.dae from the game repository, but blender wouldn't open that file. Similar for the horse. I found a bunch of horse files in the .max format in the art repo, but I can't open them in Blender. So I don't know where I should get the models from. Could somebody help me out?
  6. I actually have to say that for the icons I can't see a difference at all. For the portrait (in the info panel) I think the 256x256 portrait actually looks the best. It looks sharper and more crisp than the 128 one. The argument that it is more future proof if the GUI gets scalled up later on also speaks for 256. Have you played with OpenGL texture minifying and magnification functions? There is nearest neighbour (default, GL_NEAREST) and bi-linear interpolation (GL_LINEAR) for both minifying and magnification. For minification there is also mipmapping with different combinations of interpolation methods. You can read more about it here under GL_TEXTURE_MIN_FILTER. Maybe mipmapping is a little overkill for this use-case though, as it can get quiet memory intersive and there is a bunch of portraits, for which you usually only see a portion. But the linear interpolation might be something worth looking into. I've had good results using it in the past. Then again maybe it is already done. I don't know the engine you use at all Just throwing some ideas out there!
  7. Thanks! Let me know how the test goes. I saved the gimp .xcf file at 512x512 and scalled down before exporting to .png, so I guess it comes out to the same.
  8. First of all thank you for the feedback! I have to say I am quiet impressed by your eyesight I indeed applied the parameters at the wrong size... (512 instead of 256) Of course I would like to help out with your test. I did some new renders of both the chicken and the deer at different sizes. For the deer I also fixed the glow. I found for 512x512 that size parameters between 60 and 50 worked well for the bigger glow (the one with the noise) and size values between 20 and 18 worked well for the screen glow. Also I generally made the size of the drop shadow about 3/4 smaller than what you suggested. Otherwise it seem to dominant to me and didn't bring out the 3D'ish look as well. So here are the new images: If your post gets transformed into a wiki page I would like to suggest one improvement. After you created the three glow layers (larger noisy glow, smaller glow, drop shadow), it is important to right click on each of the three layer in the Layers Tab and click "Scale layer to image size" before scaling the layers down. Since those three layers are bigger than your object layer, you get weird offset errors by 1 or 2 pixels otherwise (probably due to rounding). This is espacially noticable with the drop shadow layer. Shrinking the layers to image size fixes this.
  9. I found another model form the same artist, also under CC0 (http://opengameart.org/content/old-deer-male). I thought it would be a nice replacement for the deer portrait. This is what the old one looks like: This is the one I did: Tell me what you think! edit: this morning I tryed another version with different lighting and contrast. I like it better. What do you guys think?
  10. Yeah I totally agree. It looks fine on its own, but next to the other portraits it looks kinda faint and dim. I went ahead an redid the lighting in the original blender model and also adjusted the brightness and contrast in the final rendered image. I also increased the glow size a bit. Here is the result: If the normal process is that a team member commits the image, then I guess there is not much else to do for me Unless somebody suggests some more improvments. If my name is included in the credits (Foaly), I think it would be fair when the creator of the original chicken model (CDmir - Čestmír Dammer) would be included as well. Even though it is under CC0, it feels kinda wrong to take all the credit if somebody else has done 80% of the work. Or do you have a different policy for derived work?
  11. Hi! Thank you very much for the nice welcome and the feedback! Also thank you for the detailed description on how to do the glow around the object. I gave it a try and it worked perfectly. Maybe the explanation should be put on the wiki, because its very good and I couldn't find it before (maybe I didn't look properly though...) So here is my new chicken model. I tryed to implement all your suggestions. Tell me what you think: I am a developer, so I do know how to commit things to repositories, its just that I usually work with git not svn. But mostly I am not familiar with your process (open a trak ticket first?, send a pull request?...). I am sure you guys can tell me the way to go, once the image is finalized. But first people need to tell me what the think Also I signed the legal waiver you linked.
  12. I am the copyright holder of original works I post in the Wildfire Games 0 A.D. Art Development forum. I hereby release all original works I uploaded to this forum in the past, and those I will upload in the future, under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.
  13. Hello everybody! I have been following the 0 AD development for a while and I find this project just absolutly amazing! The other day while playing I saw something, that I thought I could improve. So I gave it a shot. The current portrait for the chicken, is just a render of the low poly chicken model. The model works really well in the game, but the image looks a bit too low poly for a close up image. This is what the current portrait looks like: I wanted to replace the image with a nicer looking one. Since I am not a very skilled painter, I simply took an available chicken model in a higher resolution under CC0 license (http://opengameart.org/content/chicken-animated), rendered it and edited it with GIMP. The result looks like this: Since this is my first contribution I don't really know the whole process of adding things to the repository (I hope this is even the right thread...). But before I get into all that, I wanted to get some feedback on whether it looks good or not. And maybe some advice on how to continue to get this submitted. Thanks in advance, Foaly
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