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  1. This problem existed in less extend in other games were "greek" language was used (like in age of mythology) and although I couldn't forgive those games since they came from million dollar productions I can forgive 0 A.D despite it failing even more to have original greek voices compared to other games.. But that doesn't mean that it should be something acceptable either for the simple fact that it's easy to do (just in the forum help from greek guys -that lived also in greece and have been educated at least partially in a greek school, because there are people of greek descent that were born and raised outside greece and think they know how to speak greek or ancient greek - I assume haring the later was the problem in games like age of mythology... - ) The bad english accent of the greek words + wrong accentuation of syllables I could bare... But the selection of words themselves is either totally wrong or awkward to say the least... Some words are ancient greek some others are from the midleages etc and all of them are awkwardly put together For example it's as if you expected to hear something like "Charge their left flank" and instead you hear something like "peruse left side diagonale" If you can't find a way gather some greek folks to help you out I could make some voices for you (although I am not a voice actor my recording would be much better than the current ones simply because I would know which syllable to accentuate and what to say to be era specific... but it would be better to use my recordings only as a reference for accent etc) I could also provide more information about expressions and why to use a certain syntax etc also give you some expressions of historical value.
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