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  1. @fabio With respect to using Kubuntu (KDE UI) 16.04 LTS, see my previous posts. I have this installed on a separate hard drive (same laptop) and 0ad V20 "runs", for several minutes, before crashing (the entire screen closes and I'm thrown back to the desktop). I regard it as a separate problem to be addressed in a different thread. This is better, functionally, than Kubuntu 14.04, but 16.04 is NOT ready for general use, it still has bugs which are being discovered by the general community. I won't be moving my work to 16.04 for some time yet. Thanks for the setting suggestion, I'll try that (preferglsl=false) and get back to the forum with the result, it might be a day or so...
  2. I'd prefer to wait until I can get another computer to try changing drivers, I have too much work on this system. I'll be back when I have another system to test this. Thank your for your help.
  3. Ok, game locked up, as before, but this time using gdb. Stopped using ctrl-c, Output and commands are as follows:
  4. Sorry, I did try running from console/command line cd /usr/games bash 0ad Same result, entry screen lockup.
  5. No difference, still locks on the entry screen and requires use of system activity monitor to send a shutdown command.
  6. The package which is installed after adding the wfg/0ad repository is: 0ad-data_0.0.20~rc1-0ubuntu1~14.04~wfg1_all.deb Let me know if this is NOT the alpha 20 release.
  7. Sorry, too late to read your message. I did a re-install from the Kubuntu repository. Operation is the same, lockup on splash screen/entry screen, forced to use system activity monitor to force closure of unnamed process. I did not delete the logs, but I see no change (file touch date not changed). The only file that was updated is the attached: system_info.txt the two folders; oos_logs and sim_logs contain no new files system_info.txt crashlog.txt mainlog.html
  8. @sanderd17 The logs were copy/pasted immediately after trying to run the game, 4/29/15 I will flush my system of 0ad files and try this again. It will not be until Monday 5/2/15, due to the bandwidth needed to re-install. @Loki1950 I also use the same video drivers under Kubuntu 16.04, and this game version at least runs for 20-30 minutes. Thank you both for the prompt replies.
  9. I also report that V20 runs (kind of) under Kubuntu 16.04, but crashes after about 20--30 minutes of play.
  10. Ok, logs are below: Let me know if you need more. It would be nice if we could download the previous version... Note that in the system Monitor, the Pyrogensis thread does NOT show the name of the process. It DOES show the correct pyrogensis icon... Immedately after lockup and forced closure of program. System_info.txt:
  11. This was working under V 19. Now I cannot get past the entry screen. It is a total lockup, requiring the use of either the close icon (upper right corner) or issuing a terminate command from the activity monitor. I would like to revert to Version 19, but cannot find a download option on your website.
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