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  1. I am trying to understand how random map works, resources and entities also have been manually added?
  2. Hi there, It's been a while since my last post... I've talked with Elexis about generated map and he told me to look at the script in the red sea map, I tried to do generate new maps importing real maps in the map editor. This is what I've found out: -the map downloaded from NASA is very high res, even too much, so the result is that uploading the weight-map sometimes you can get a mess of vertices. to fix that I did some experiments using lower res map and the result seems to be better, to eliminate noise even more I worked in blender with the compositor. in weight map white= high black = low Since the sea dept does not influence the game play I decided to simplify it by changing the colors of the sea in full black, then I've created a mask of all the continents. I wanted to keep some of the info about mountains and remove some of the details so I've applied a blur effect just before the oceans mask, in this way mountains are less likely to be spiky and the map requires less smoothing in editing, at the same time the margin between sea and land remains sharp and it doesn't get blurred. You can see the node editor in the blender file if this explanation is not clear. I think this may simplify the creation of geographical maps, by working in gimp, just by selecting the zone of interest form the world weight map, scale it (i find that 1000 x 1000 is a good compromise with map size at least for my hardware) and then edit the texture and resources from the editor without having to work from scratch. let me know what you think I hope that helped, here's a link to download all the stuff. the coast is still too high, I'm working to make it better. I've used the old version of blender . https://filebin.net/of3ha3x763e6dfne is there a way to automatically add texture based on the height?
  3. I do think that videogames are a form of art, for the complexity of knowledge that they require to be created and for the thing that they can bring inside all the existing forms of art. Some of the games that I consider masterpieces are for sure Monkey Island, Psychonauts, Amnesia, but I do like even Quake and Command and Conquer..good old school I think also that Video games, expecially mainstream, tends too easily to be propagandistic and prone to business, they could be much more than what they are now.
  4. I know how to google, I asked here because I'd like to have your point of view...
  5. Can a videogame be considered a piece of art or is it just a form of amusement? Which are the elements that makes a video game something more? Do you have some example of that? I'd like to know what you think.
  6. ops..my bad I left the files on my desktop and zipped the empty folder , I fix it and then I'll post it again.
  7. Sorry for the bad quality of the screenshots but I don't have a great Graphic Card
  8. I corrected the map of Carthage, I will try to fix the other adding waves of enemyes, let me know if you got other suggestions. map_The_Rebellion_Of__Mercenaries.zip
  9. I'd like to give more time to the defender, the problem is that if I put the attacker too far it doesn't attack, the best solution is for sure to organize the attack in waves, but I don't know how to do that.
  10. About the squares If you're talking about the squared port, I did it on purpose the real one is like that.
  11. OK, I will improve, thanks for the feedback... how can I garrison Troups in the editor?
  12. Two new maps incoming for the series of Carthaginians campaign... Hope you like it map_The_Fall_Of_Trapani.zip map_The_Rebellion_Of__Mercenaries.zip
  13. Better like that? In which folder must I copy the folder of the map to use it with the mod section? In which folder of your map is written the code of the AI? map_Siege_of_Sagunto.zip
  14. I don't agree, it's not about being boring. But that's a good point, here you're talking about realism, obviously a game can't be 100% real, because guess what...It's a game, a simulation. We need to define a domain, decide what variables can interfere with the game and others that can be neglected. To simulate a war there are a lot of things that must be neglected and the number of the arrows, or the sword destroying buildings are not the greatest. The realism of the simulation must deal with the codification of the game and with the habits of the players, depending on how war has been represented in the past RTS. For example a chess player do not complains about the fact that horses does not walk like L in real life. I found the same fact in map designing: in this game the most of the maps start with two mines of stone and metal on the side of the CC, that's not realistic, it would be better if the resources were spread randomly, but the players don't like that, the most of players tend to rehost when the maps don't have enough resources. There are some things that remains symbolic and can't become 100% realistic without screwing up all the balance of the game. Infinite Arrows and swords that can destroy buildings are just two of them, just like the horses in chess.
  15. I downloaded the map, but I got some questions... Why all those other folders? In my Scenario I included only the .xml and .pmp files , is that wrong? How does it work that trigger function? How can I set the tasks for the AI?
  16. Incoming... here is a real image of the city http://hannibalbarca.webspace.virginmedia.com/Graphics/sagunto-ruins.jpg TheSiegeOfSagunto.zip
  17. how can I upload? somebody told me I need reputation to do that
  18. You know wikipedia is not the greatest font about history... A general is defeated when he put down the weapons, in the case of Hamilcar he had the last city in Sicily, Trapani, The city was under siege, he was the general, couldn't run away even if he'd wanted. The city was taken but romans never asked him to put down the weapons (so he wasn't technically defeated), he was honored as a great enemy and instead of taking him as prisoner, they gave him a ship, so he come back to Carthage, to train Hannibal to prepare the revenge. About the military effort it's all about the metal mines in the iberian colonies, Carthage was a commercial city there was no conscription, the most of warriors were mercenaries... Even the game is pretty accurate about that, the economy was based on trading on the mediterranean sea, with the first punic war the control of the sea was lost so they used the colonies, as in mission 3.
  19. This is a brief Description of the Campaign as I imagined it ========= Mission 1 ========= Hamilcare Barca it's the last Carthaginians resistance in Sicily, he must defend the the town of Trapani, the Romans defeat him but then let him go. Objective: -Hamilcar must survive. -Defend Trapani for x minutes. ========= Mission 2 ========= After the defeat of Carthage, the Romans impose an heavy tax of war. To pay it the money was subtracted to the mercenaries just returned from the war in Sicily. So they started a terrible rebellion. Objective: -Hamilcar must survive. -Sedate the rebellion. ========= Mission 3 ========= Hamilcare part with his son to Gades, and thanks to the abundant mineral deposits can repay war debts of Carthage, Hannibal teenager has a mandate to resist the assaults of guerrillas of the Iberian tribes. Objective: -Gather a lot of metal. -Hannibal must survive. ========= Mission 4 ========= After the death of Hamilcare in an enemy ambush and the death of Asdrubale in an homicide, Hannibale gained the control of the iberian colonies and started the war against romans as he promised to his father. The first target is the little town of Sagunto. Try it here! http://filebin.net/22j1pk8cah Objective: -Hannibal Must Survive -Destroy the Iberian Civic Center ========== Mission 5 ========== Trebbia ========== Mission 6 ========== Trasimeno ========== Mission 7 ========== Canne PS: I could add even Zama but it was a terrible defeat, it could be part of an other campaign so the player could play by the roman side.
  20. I just designed a new historic Scenario about the siege of Hannibal Barca Against the city of Sagunto at the beginning of the Second Punic War. I tried to be accurate in the strategic dinamic of the real battle and I modelled the map starting from the real geography viewed from google earth, you can download it here http://filebin.net/boqdejmjfn. If you have any suggestion to make it better tell me what you think. I hope you like it.
  21. Here it is The Siege of Sagunto, Try it and let me know if you like it http://filebin.net/22j1pk8cah
  22. I downloaded A silent day in Gaul, how can I load the map? Also I just finished the first map it's called the Siege of Sagunto, which file must I share to let you try it?
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