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  1. i like your 3rd idea. i would also like to be able to know what your enemy civ is, if you can find out already then please tell me how because i find myself not knowing what civilisation im fighting against and what they are strong at. the 1st idea i think its kinda good that we dont have building snapping but tahts just my opinion, i like the different placement instead of Aoe 2 beacuse it is easier in aoe 2 but it makes you think more in 0ad about what your doing and how you need to be more aware, also its cool that you can place crop fields almost on top of eatchother and that means you have more of them around your cc instead of on Aoe 2, but thats just my opinion
  2. im the opposite, lol sorry but i think that if you get more land you should become stronger because it would encourage different styles of play from people. ive recently been playing the map. Gear and i thought if this was added in with the more territory you have the quicker the villagers gathering speed or walking speed then you would be fighting over controll of the map. its more about controlling the map then units if this was added in and i like taht
  3. so would we have gathering speed increased for less terratory or more terratory? it would be cool if it was for more territory and would make player push out more civil centres and fortress
  4. woah there are auras already! i didnt know that! the calvary aura thing was just because i couldnt think of a ability a calvary unit could have because calvary cant build so i couldnt really think of anything
  5. yeah i see what you mean i just thought the heroes could be so much more by adding in attributes, streangth is a bit ehh but i thought in my original post about "Building Speed" as an attribute that would be cool dont ya think? some heroes have a better building speed so they can build buildings and stuff, if they could. and i just thought about calvary! calvary heroes could have an auraq ability so mabey something like: building aura - +10% building speed to nearby units ???? i think thats a good one Speed aura - +10% speed to nearby units ???? mabey more or less speed because heroes are in the 3rd age and thats near the end of some games so you could make it faster to end games quicker Attack aura - +5% attack damage to nearby units ????? or you could make it + 1 attack to a specific type of unit thats just 3 different abilities i thought of so mabey attributes dont need to be in the game but i think an ability would be cool. heroes being able to build buildings faster, or a specific building quicker than 5 villagers. just stuff like taht, the opportunities are endless if they decide to do this but its up to the developers and the players if they like the ideas.
  6. by attributes i mean instead of giving the hero techs you can just take out hero techs and make attributes for heroes a roman hero could have something like 20 streangth for 1 attribute and taht could give him mabey 600 hp or something depending on how the developers want it but yeah. i forgot the game had hero techs. look at games like warcraft 3 and the attributes in taht game for heroes, tahts where my idea came from
  7. i also have another idea or suggestion about the heroes from the fortress. i thought you could give the hero levels and attributes but not abilities the heroes ability could be to build a specific building or buildings, or even to build a specifc building quicker than 5 villagers the calvary could mabey be able to train other cavalry just slowly or something. calvary are hard to think of for an ability cos they cant build but yea hope you guys like my idea of giving the heroes attributes and a ability. i dont know about how many levels the heroes should have, mabey 10 or 15 you might have a hard time thinking about attributes but i think you can have, building speed streangth/hp Agility/ Movement speed Attack Defence thats just what i thought of but you could make them into mabey 3 different attributes but 5 makes for more customisation but you will still need another fo the calvary if you like this idea
  8. i would like to see a graphics system for the game so that different computers can run the game. example: low Medium High or even a: Very low low medium high Very high/ Ultra this would help improve the lag on movement of units and the game itself i hope but i know it will take time to change that so i hope in future this will be implemented because i have a mate who wants this game but his computer is to slow and old to play it as it is so hes waiting for an update to smoothen it out but anyway hope this happens
  9. how often are updates? im wondering when the next update will come out alpha 17 because cav skirim is making the game a little boring cos i either smash the ai or lose to real people because of that stratergy thanks
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