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  1. Have tried the different AIs - qbot and aegisbot - but only on the "easy" level. I'm an adult with a modicum of experience with RTS games but the bot thrashes me quite solidly (ie beats me easily) every time. The bot appears to have used resources far beyond those I'm able to gather even if I only created women. So they then attack me with a massive hoard of soldiers and armoury. Like I have 80 people and they have 240, and siege engines (eg [hovering!] elephants) and fortresses and such. Seems to me that on "easy" I should be able to win by now having played about 40 games of 0ad ... so perhaps I'm more inept than I imagine or maybe the bots are simply too strong? I don't expect it to be a walk over but I'd imagine that even relatively inexperienced players should be able to win on "easy". Regards and thanks for a great game that so far is giving lots of enjoyment.
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