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  1. I and my brother just downloaded 0 AD and have started playing it. He uses a Mac with an Intel GMA 950. Since you're talking about pre-2003 hardware, I assume you're going to use ARB shaders, not GLSL. IIRC, Mac OS X drivers have software emulation for ARB shaders (and a quick Googling suggested that the GMA-950 does pixel shading, with the vertex shading being handled by CPU). So go ahead and make the switch!
  2. Hello. I just noticed this game while researching primary sources/artifacts for Mauryan arms and armour. I downloaded the game and was having fun playing it, but noticed it needed voice-mods for most of the civilizations. Well, I'm here, and I'd like to contribute a male voicemod in Pali for the Mauryan empire. I'm an Indian-American, and I still have a little bit of an Indian accent, especially when I try to bring it out. I was never good at rolling an 'r' though, but I can manage to do it with difficulty.