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  1. Ahh, I see, so there are some pieces exported and the originals might be hard to track down. Understandable for a project that's been around a while. I can just use the static, non animated things then - I've also found a lot of animated content (done by professionals) as part of an open sourced MMO Ryzom: http://www.ryzom.com/en/. They have a huge repo of MAX files, with animations that could help supplement indies as well. Some things are pretty basic humanoid style content that could go well with generic games as well as with some of 0 A.D. Content it seems. It's nice to see such good quality art starting to come about nowadays. Thanks for all the pointers / tips here! Hopefully I'll be able to contribute some things back someday! Thanks,
  2. No ones tried to hack in a 3rd or 1st person cam to 0 AD yet? Not even for fun? Just curious. =)
  3. Alright, did I miss a hotkey or setting someplace? No teasing newbies now!! =)
  4. I don't know why, but when I played 0ad the first time, I had the urge to hack into the rendering code to allow for a 3rd/1st person view for a unit, just to get closer to the action. I think it just because everything looks so nice and high quality, it makes you desire more immersion. (Its not a shortcoming, actually very much a complement to the devs!) To actually be able to 'do' anything though I would imagine might be complex, ie, attacking or interacting with the simulation due to the networking model...
  5. 'HUGE' may actually be a good thing =) us indie game devs are desperate for good quality stuff to use, especially 3D media of the quality 0 A.D. has. (And we can't afford to hire Maya/3DS folks, lol). Most of 0 A.D seems to be already in very convenient COLLADA formats - I might only need access to the source files for the engine animation format (PMD I think?) , those could be exported to COLLADA as well, or a few other formats would work. Who should I ask to get access to just those pieces ? The rest I think are very nicely packaged in the public repo, and the XML metadata files give me more than enough info to glue things together. Thanks again for all the help / info, seems like it's a great community here!
  6. Wijitmaker - Ahh, it makes sense, I noticed some original assets missing from the Git repo. IE. I couldn't find animation sources in MAX or Maya formats. Is it due to licensing issues the originals couldn't be released? I wouldn't want to ask for too much! If available, I would use a generic exporter (FBX, or Collada) to batch convert everything into a generic format easily loaded by the indie game engines. If this is something Wildfire would be interested in, I'll be happy to do it! In turn be able to use those in my own projects. Thanks again,
  7. Great, I hope I can contribute back some things as well then! At the least 0ad assets may be rendering on mobile platforms soon (ios, android) as those seem to be good platforms to release indie games nowadays. Now to learn how to get to the 0ad artwork repo and try exporting a few assets! Thanks again.
  8. I know everything is free-ish but would I be able to use 0ad art for some indie games, likely ones I'll never finish =p but nonetheless 0ad is themed perfectly. I'm hoping to release some small hobby project (some open source, some may be closed) for mobile, indie consoles, etc. And anything I could contribute back I will be happy to =) Thanks for such great work that you've done here. 0ad looks really amazing.
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