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    Hotkeys System

    This could be unfortunate, since the 'grid hotkey' (4x3) mapped to keys in the 'square' of vertices ZVRQ, which became famous in latest Warcraft series is really easy to remember and to spatially map on a icon grid. If the hotkey grid is not available, I suggest that the low row could be used instead to select icons in buildings, so 7 keys are available to positional train/research Building types could be mapped to upper right row (e.g. from R to P), this leaves 7 kind of 'things' to be easely recalled, probably R should be skipped if is too easy to wrongly hit it while using WASDQE keys. I plan to submit some code according to the consensus from this discussion, probably rebasing a github clone.
  2. Hi, I'm new and this is my first post, I was prodded by issue #1226 to start this discussion. A bit of backround, anyone remembers 'HCCC' starts in Age of Empires? CTRL+W 'Give me all Archers' in TA:K ? or CTRL-. give me all idle workers? I started hacking the #1226 patch because I need a full RTS experience, and to me hotkeys and macro orders are vital. In my first approach I used Z,X,C,V to enque the first, second, 3rd, or the 4th unit in all the selected buildings, but probably an hotkey is needed to select ALL the town centres ('H' is alredy assigned :-( ... ) or maybe we need to play with modifiers too (ALT, CTRL...) Everything should be easy to use and to tweak and the rule of the least surprising thing must be followed. e.g.: period (.) select an idle unit, SHIFT period adds an idle unit to selection CTRL period selects all idles SHIFT CTRL adds all idles to selection T select a town centre SHIFT T add a town centre to selection CTRL T select all town centres... Ideally anything that could be clickable should be hotkeyable and should have hotkey tooltips. Moreover hotkeys should be assigned also on aggregate actions or scripts but this could go on another topic about mixing some bot functionalities (aka 'macros') to obtain very powerful hotkeys (shall win who has better ideas or better clicking speed???). historicbruno had some nice ideas on IRC: "with multistep hotkeys, Alt+G could open a graphical options menu, then G could toggle GUI, S for silhouettes,etc., so Alt+G,G would toggle the GUI"