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  1. Update Rovonin Heroes Adon, recruited at town phase mercenary guild description: experienced defensive warrior low health and stamina recharge due to age. he fought against the Rovon empire in the first rebellion after the Rovonin lost the war the mercenary guild was destroyed and outlawed. Adon's acts of defiance by running the guild underground draw warriors, merchants, peasants and disenfranchised lords to his cause. Abilities. Appeal to the people a random Rovonin soldier arrives at Adon permanently every few minutes passive effect. Righteousness of the Cause. A random Rovonin hero arrives at Adon for a short time (heroes that might come Curto, Bomar Dezuequel, Languard, Veridagorin, Mela, Ankora) passive effect requires Veridamar's influence Curto support warrior wielding a magic sword. abilites: great heal restores health to units and heroes near Curto for a few seconds when activated, confuse Curto confuses his enemies by creating 3 illusionary Curto's for a short time that deal very low damage but are invulnerable, defy death Curto becomes invulnerable for a short a time. Bomar, wise warrior, Bomar has mysteriously lived for hundreds years his body heals itself at a very fast rate if he loses a limb it will regrow in a few months. Abilities: Counselor technologies are cheaper and get researched faster passive effect, mysterious healing Bomar heals faster and heals in combat passive effect. Dezuequel, Archer with high attack speed. abilities: Quick Eye: quickly spots weaknesses in enemy armor causing more damage and ignoring some armor passive effect Mela giant man abilities: extreme strength attacks will throw enemies as long as he has stamina passive effect Veridamar Support hero and anti hero recruited at the city phase Assembly hall. Abilities: Influence gives soldier the target soldier an ability to disarm enemies unlocks ability for Adon. Disarm, an enemy hero or soldier greatly reducing that enemy units damage please let me know what you think about heroes and their abilities and how easy they would be to implement into the game
  2. Building style: roman Faction Bonuses; Turtle Formation The Doonish commonly used the Turtle formation for defense: Legionaries were formed into hollow squares with twelve men on each side, standing so close together that their shields overlapped like fish scales. requires a centurion nearby to use this formation. Engineer Warrior Doonish legionaries and centurions can build siege walls, army camps, and siege weapons Team Bonus; Roads allow for quicker transport of units and supplies making doonish and allied barracks work 15% faster. Buildings: Wooden Siege Wall/Gate/Tower Army Camp City Phase: Legionnaire Stone Barracks Village Phase: Celtar Pikeman Town Phase: Jeruan Auxiliary, City Guard City Phase: Legionnaire, Spearman of Marsi Archery Range Village Phase: Jeruan Archer Town Phase: Celtar Guard City Phase: Rovinish mercenary Stable Town Phase: Jeruan Raider City Phase: Noble Chariot, War Elephant Siege Workshop Town Phase: Scorpion City Phase: Onager, Battering Ram, House Fortress City Phase: Legionnaire, Noble Chariot Civic Center Village phase: Villager Blacksmith City Phase: research elephant armor (upgrades elephants to armored elephants) Market Town Phase: Merchant Dock Village Phase: Fishing Ship Town Phase: Trireme, merchant ship City Phase: Quinquereme Units: Celtar Pikeman bonus vs cavalry (pike 3m) City Guard citizen soldier (looks like legionnaire with a pikeman shield) Legionnaire standard infantry high armor when gets enough xp he upgrades into Centurion (looks like rome imperial legionnaire) Centurion the presence of a centurion allows legionnaires to form a turtle formation (looks like rome imperial centurion) Jeruan Archer basic weak archer Celtar Guard basic crossbowman (looks like celtar pikeman with a crossbow) Rovinland Mercenary although the sling is hard to use in the forest of Rovinland the Rovinin tradition of slings is kept alive. not being so useful in the thick Rovinland forest these soldiers will become mercenaries and hire themselves out to the Doonish, Jeruans, and Land of Death range 150m (looks like Legionnaire with a sling) Jeruan Raider. heavy Jeruan cavalry (looks like roman cavalry javelinist) Noble Chariot consists of a driver in chainmail a knight in full armor open visor helmet so he can see where he is throwing the javlin and a squire moderately protected armed with a stabbing spear War Elephant a living siege weapon strong vs everything in its path Armored Elephant a war elephant in armor is expensive to maintain hope that the extra defense the armor adds will pay off
  3. the armor should look more like chainmail the order knight should kinda look like a norman knight
  4. okay is that the order knight or something?
  5. ok well all of the shields are wooden with a metallic boss and edge unless stated otherwise and the buckle on the spearman of marsi's shield should be metallic mercenary of Non shield is metallic
  6. @niektb that would be nice thanks @mutelovestone yes i'm mark, i started with the doonish but right now i'm trying to add the rovonin and the doonish first @lionkanzen you could do the spearman of marsi's sheild the sheild will be on the units back when he is moving and when standing still the shield will be set up in front of him and will connect to other sheilds from the same unit type. the shield should have some type of buckle on all four sides so that it can connect to other shields be set up kinda like a mantlet and a spike on the boss. you could do the shields for rovonin soldiers general units shield man-at-arms, hoplite, woodsman, throwing axeman, (the hoplite shield should be a little bigger) Sengayr slayer same shield but black background with a red sun town militia shield Rovon shields order knight
  7. mute we can work together how do i view your resources changes notepad++ only shows a bunch of characters i don't understand i have the same skype name i think. i will be done with school in two monday's so after then i will be able to put more energy into modding see top post for descriptions on how the units look or see the in depth Rovonin post well the nochaton models need to be made pretty much a horse with horns the rider will have a lance also noble nochaton models a noble nochaton will have sword extensions on its horns the noble nochaton rider will have a sword i will probably need a Rova Guard model i will also need a man-at-arms model (with a one handed flail and then a shield in the other hand) throwing axemen, and battering ram will probably need models
  8. okay thanks anyone have any tips or tutorials on creating factions
  9. okay i added you as a collaborator i think
  10. i think what would be best for the temple would be the main temple building with the altar and the golden basin outside surrounded by a wall
  11. that is a good idea and if the 0 A.D. team doesn't make it you can mod the game and add wells and a water resource if you so desire i think if rightly implemented it would work fine if you don't add stables horses could just cost a certain amount of water. or just need a well with a good water supply to train them or something
  12. Yeah that would be nice. Thanks
  13. Gold, Loyalty, Outlaws and Collectibles Gold; a new resource that is generated by buildings like houses and mercenary guilds. to get more gold just higher taxes (tax rates may effect public order). Gold is used to buy mercenary units or to reduce enemy units loyalty or convert them entirely to your side Loyalty; is what keeps units fighting for you and buildings under your control. a unit or building with 0 loyalty is an outlaw unit/building there are a few variables that can effect unit/building loyalty - numbers the more units and buildings you have together the more loyal they are. ex. a house in the middle of nowhere far away from your land will have very low loyalty. - if inside your town boundaries, buildings will be build-able anywhere on the map but if they aren't in your town boundaries they will have loyalty problems and will lose all loyalty if ignored or alone - walls, people will feel secure behind a good wall the better the wall the safer they feel. building walls and defenses will have a positive effect on building loyalty - Public order the average loyalty of all your buildings. - who you are allied with may effect your public order. example: if the Rovonin and Doonish factions become allied their will be a public order reduction because those factions don't trust each other, but a Rovonin and Rovinin alliance will have a positive effect on public order because they trust each other. - your armies effectiveness in battle may effect your public order. if you are always losing battles and stuff your citizens may lose faith in your leadership - technology techs you research may effect public order. example tech (hire tax collectors effects gold is gathered faster from houses and markets, people get angry at the more efficient taxing system) - Rioting when your public order is low watch out for your buildings becoming outlaw and spawning outlaws from them. you can do one of two things wait for the buildings public order to go up or destroy the building if you destroy the building or buildings your public order may go up because of fear - Citizen soldier loyalty is effected greatly by your public order - Outlaws are spread across random maps they usually consist of units from the maps host culture. units buildings with 0 loyalty become outlaw if you build a civic center near an outlaw town and that town is in your kingdom boundaries you might convert the town - Collectibles, are magic items like relics that your units can collect there are 2 types individual collectibles, and kingdom collectibles first what are collectibles. they are either magical jewels weapons/armor with magical jewels bound to them, and Relics of cultural inspiration. - individual collectibles. the unit that collects the item is the one that uses it when he dies he drops the item. most weapons/armor items are individual collectibles, and some magical jewels. few Relics are individual collectibles Kingdom Collectibles. these collectibles are picked up by a unit and deposited in one of your buildings and their effects are applied to your whole kingdom. most relics of inspiration are kingdom collectibles. some magical Jewels are kingdom collectibles as well. very few weapons and armor are kingdom collectibles
  14. i think that buildings and units can hold lootable resources so you could make collection of blood kinda like the collection of xp where it stored in the unit and you get it when the unit is killed.
  15. 1) i try to go for historical accuracy with armor and weapons but since you are doing a fantasy mod there is not much closer you can get than that. 2) you should first get a rough idea at what you are doing. how many factions you will add possible bonuses or unique features in each faction. possible big changes to the game. 3) strict factions? (do you mean like making each individual nation?) well if you don't have strict factions in mind. it would be good to start out with general base factions ex: (men, dwarves, elves, goblins etc.) and then after you have the base cultures down spread them out into different factions. 4) start with the faction that you are most thrilled about adding at the moment (it might be wise to start with an easier faction so that you can learn the ropes of modding before you get onto the harder ones)
  16. so its a fantasy world as i can make new intelligent races i can make new plant type races may a clarify their skin and bones are made of an ice like compound. and isn't it possible for some plants to grow in cold temperatures. there armor is living magical plants that protect them from fire attacks normally and is not too effective in protection against swords and the like there cells are more complex than that so they would probably need more than just water to regenerate. although pouring water on a wound could close it very quickly
  17. http://rts-database.wikispaces.com/%2A+Godstorm http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=12743&page=1 their actually is a someone making a mythology mod for 0 A.D. zombies have the smell of rotting flesh i wonder how you are going to put that into the game
  18. More description would be nice. we could work together since i'm working on a fantasy mod as well so their might be features in common we can add together and make a fantasy base mod before diverging into are own specific fantasy worlds. but i will need more information on what you are planning to do
  19. I thought of using the Burn Damage type for Both freezing and burning damages. i also thought of grouping freeze damage with crush damage because chunks of frozen ice can be as effective as rocks. yes the Rovonin are a a tall tribe. it would be cool if archers had more damage the closer the enemy is. I think that some modern tests have shown that longbows couldn't pierce plate armor. but something about longbows is that their power is defined by the strength of the wielder a medieval Longbowman could be a lot more effective than today's because their were more people practicing it and they probably spent more time practicing. the first companion is in light armor i think the man has some type of cotton armor on and the horse has leather. so also nochatons can take a much heavier load than horses can. as you can see in the first picture only the legs are exposed and if the armor was longer only under the belly would be exposed. for the noble companion will either have chain mail hanging down or plates designed for its legs. and knights in full armor can still walk since nochatons are much stronger than knights they should still be able to run in full armor I will probably have Bandits, Sengayr's, Ederlochatons and Dragons as hostile to all scattered across the map depending on what area the map represents since its hard for people to see what i'm envisioning that is why I put pictures up with descriptions once i learn how to model and animate i will be able to do some of it by myself but i think the mod will be done faster with help I do have Hero ideas i just need to figure out which ones i should add into the mod Edit: i'm thinking of adding collectible magical jewels that can give the unit that picks it up a special power and when the unit dies he drops it
  20. Hi Jazon welcome to the 0 ad forums. since i'm a noob modder and know very little about programming i might take a look at your book
  21. A lot of these ideas I was already going to include with my mod or would be very compatible and many of these ideas fit very well into the Imaldra faction Shapechanger. Magic items. Portals walls that can regrow(ie walls made of vines so they regrow instead of repair) same with buildings Reanimation (ZOMBIES!!! RUN lol) Skeletons (biped and quadruped). so whats the difference between zombies and skeletons? i'm including a goblin race in my mod and a dwarven race
  22. Rovonin Faction in depth Building style: most buildings made of wood with a celtic/viking style Faction bonuses; - Great Forest: the trees of the Rovonin forest are larger and more fire resistant than most trees. effects Rovonin siege and wooden buildings have a little burn armor. - Volley Tactics: The Rovonin use their archers to attack enemies at a great range of (200m) since accuracy is not important for volleys Rovonin archers have a reduction in accuracy. - Team Bonus Mercenary Guild. the Rovonin Mercenary Guild defines prices that mercenaries are hired for based on their skill making it harder for mercenaries to extort their employers. effects the Rovonin and their allies get cheaper mercenaries. Allies of the Rovonin can train certain Rovonin soldiers Buildings: Wooden - Rovonin Barracks Trains units from the Rovonin sub-culture Village Phase: Village Militia, Longbowman Town Phase: Man-at-Arms, Hoplite, Light Cavalry City Phase: Rova Guard, Fortified Wagon, - Rohnese Stable trains units from the Rohnese sub-culture Town Phase: Town Militia, Companion City Phase: Noble Companion (Requires Support Rohn), Cavalry Archer - Assembly Hall trains units from the woodsmen sub-culture Town Phase: Throwing Axeman, Elephant (mobile drop off site)(Requires re arm the woodsmen) City Phase: Woodsman - Mercenary Guild Town Phase: Generates Resources(requires tax the mercenary guild) Town Phase: Assassin (requires Glokian Government) Soldier that is not auto attacked and that doesn't auto attack. with a high damage first attack. no armor low health and attack City Phase: Thief (requires Glokian Government) Soldier that is not auto attacked, steals resources from enemy drop off sites) note soldiers can still attack thieves and assassins they just need to be ordered to. - House - Blacksmith (town phase) - Palisade Wall - Town Center Village Phase: Villager like female citizen Town Phase: Support Rohn (research) Glokian Government (research) Re arm the woodsmen (Research) Assembly hall units more attack enables elephant. Tax the Mercenary Guild (Research take advantage of the wealth of the mercenary guild), Call on Rova For support (enables the Rova Guard) The Rovonin can only get one of the five town phase researches Stone buildings - Stone Wall (city phase) Watch Tower (town phase) Keep (city phase) Units: Village Militia looks like longbowman without the helmet but armed with a pitchfork or some other piece of farm equipment Village Militia are cheap citizen soldiers that are better left tending a farm than fighting have a slight bonus vs cavalry Hoplite the shield should look like the the man-at-arms no greaves. (pike 5m) The Rovonin Hoplites are citizen soldiers they are standard basic infantry with a slight bonus vs cavalry Longbowman Archer with Great Range. in many Rovonin towns and villages Longbow practice is mandatory giving the Rovonin army a large pool of skilled archers to draw from Man-at-Arms (soldier armed with a flail) The Rovonin Flail was a simple agricultural tool developed into a weapon when the riverlanders saw its potential when they used flails to great effect against Doonish raiders. Flails later became popular among middle class professional soldiers because of it's ability to crush through all but the best armor Town Militia (armed with Axe) These citizen soldiers are little more than a town guard that train for an hour once a week. not being able to afford much armor, these soldiers will not stand up to professional soldiers especaily not heavy cavalry in a fight. but they are comparable to other citizen soldiers Light Cavalry Town Militia on Horse are simply Town Militia that own a horse they see more action than town militia because light cavalry are concerned with keeping the land around the town clear of bandits defending the walls themselves Throwing Axeman (obviously with a throwing axe instead of a spear) the francisca axe comes from the northmen culture and they use it to great affect to shatter enemy shields before entering into combat citizen Soldier Woodsman same as throwing axeman (but with a bow and an Axe) the woodsman has a shield when he is shooting arrows it will be on his back the difference between woodsmen and northmen is that the woodsmen are Rovonin that have adopted the northmen culture while bringing some of the Rovonin culture with them like the longbow. since its hard to tell the difference between the two woodsmen and northmen are often used interchangeably. these woodsmen are citizen soldiers hardened by fighting off sengayrs and outlaws. they have more experience fighting then the average citizen soldier Rova Guard The Rova Guard are solid heavy infantry from the Rovonin city of Rova. they are professional soldiers. the people of Rova originally come from the island of Rove they brought with them a wide plethora of polearms from Rove the most popular being the halberd. they have a good bonus against cavalry and slight bonus vs other infantry Fortified Wagon A wagon with a platform that has walls Fortified wagons are pulled by nochatons and are used to protect their longbowmen from enemy infantry and cavalry Companion (with a Man-at-Arms Type shield (Nochaton has two horns and will lower its head to charge providing a three pronged attack) no bit reigns or spurs The Companions of Rohn are called the companions because unlike most cavalry the nochaton and its rider are best buddies they go everywhere together and always have each others back. they are more expensive than most cavalry because the nochaton is not a slave so both the mount and the rider need to get paid and supplied with armor and among other things get edible food Companion archer like the companion but with an open faced skullcap the Companion archers are much fewer in number than the companions as it takes great skill to fire a longbow from a nochaton they also don't shoot from as much range as foot archers saving their arrows for much closer targets Noble Companion (with Chainmail dropping down its legs similar to the first picture) Made up of the Rohnese nobility these companions do not look at the cost of the armor only at its effectiveness of protection even though their armor is very heavy they could still beat lighter cavalry on a horse in race. they have one of the most powerful charges in all of Anorithia. but their armor doesn't come cheap making them very expensive to train weapons: Sword. Nochaton has sharp extended blades on its horns Ram Woodsmen Carrying a tree trunk possible upgrades (incendiary head) (metal head) edit: i'm looking to build a team of modders to help with my project.
  23. i can't upload it to the council of modders because GitHub says i can't have a private repository on a free account i can upload it to my GitHub user just not the 0 ad one
  24. Thanks I'm afraid you will hear very few nochatons giving speeches for 2 reasons 1. racism since they look like lesser beasts of burden they are often treated like they are. 2. nochatons generally don't become political leaders the lochatons are just dropping the stones not hurling them kinda like the griffins in the chronicles of Narnia and i'm thinking like 2 or 4 of them holding sling and half of them letting go to let the rock drop for the Imaldra long silvery hair would look good i didn't think of that i guess its better than being bald i have started writing a book a while ago i'm not too skilled with art as might be obvious from the quality of the drawings so if anyone is interested in helping out with that you can inbox me or something. are their any free programs i can use to make models and animate them?
  25. yes it worked I added a faction and when i go to test my mod when I go into the single player lobby i can't select any civs and there are these error messages initCivNameList ( ) (gui\gamesetup/gamesetup.JS:481 initMain ( ) (gui\gamesetup/gamesetup.JS:126 initonTick ( ) (gui\gamesetup/gamesetup.JS:616 Syntax error:JSON parse parsing JSON data in civs Doonland.JSON
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