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  1. Linux graphic performance using Nvidia's proprietary drivers is actually quite fast. I could play Oblivion on Debian using a GeForce 6150 SE (Integrated).
  2. So far I have only played as the Celts. (As my computer is slow enough that it really chokes up on the ai after the city centre falls, so I have not done as much testing as I like). The other factions seem to have much harder to take town and the celts are more roomy and easier to pick through.
  3. 0 a.d. works fine for me on an integrated intel using Debian 6. It is a little sluggish (mostly when I zoom out the map or click on something) but quite playable. If the requirements are about the same as they are now when finished it really looks as great and beats modern-ish games in performance. I am happy it works on my low end linux laptop.
  4. Yes, that was the reason, thank you Ykkrosh. I tested and the game is turning out fantastic. Really beats AOEII for me, and seems much more unique for each race and historically accurate.
  5. It works, subtle because config needed capitals I believe. Sorry to have bothered you, and now on to test!
  6. Hello, this is my first post here, nice to meet you all. I wanted to compile the latest alpha of 0 a.d. which is 7 I believe. My platform is Linux 3.0.0 x86_64, and my compiler is: gcc (Debian 4.4.5-8) 4.4.5. I followed the 'how to compile on linux' instructions. The problem occurs that no matter how I configure it, it still compiles all the executables and libraries as _dbg. I tried "make config=release" and "make config=Release". The executable is always "pyrogenesis_dbg". I am not aware if this is a problem but I remember building earlier alphas successfully. The game runs and works as normal but performance seems to be slower than before. This is not a priority, just wondering if I am going about the process of building it incorrectly. Thank you very much! Edit: Doh, just read the notice at the top of the screen about the subtle changes. I will see if the old instructions work. Or I should just build from svn.. Either way, thanks, I will try that now and post back with the results.
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