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Web designer application - Ludovic B˘le

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Posted 24 March 2012 - 09:02 AM

Position: Web designer

Do you understand that Wildfire Games is a non-commercial project, work for 0 A.D. is volunteer, and work is done for free?

Do you agree to distribute all your work for Wildfire Games under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license?

Name: Ludovic B˘le
Email: vaerion (at) gmail (dot) com
MSN Messenger: vaerion (at) live (dot) fr
Location: Besanšon, France
How many hours per week on average do you think you'll have for Wildfire Games? What about 6 months from now?
I think i can work 10 hours per week from now until next 6 mounths
Age: 21
Occupation: Many thing :D Work on webdesign, or on my linux's server, or search a job ..
[(Optional) What keeps you busy in your day to day life? Student, work? etc.

Skills and Experience:
It was five year I discover the design and since i work on multiple graph. I have already work of little project of web-gamming, but many of website i have realized are a window of community gaming.
What qualifies you for this position? What experience have you had in the past?

Motivation: I would like up my skill and work on a great and long project, and not or a little window-website..
Personality: I am very curious, and i don't tolerate not arrive understand a problem or anybody.

Short Essay:
I have find Wilfire by, it show 0 A.D like the best and great project of opensource game.
I have already talk my motivation : I wan't work on a great, long and seriously project for improve my skill and gain experience. Maybe i can enhance my english too.
Interests and Hobbies: Hmm, i'm a fan of japaness's culture, then i look many anime or drama from us, i try to learn japaness because i wan"t go in japan one day ..
Or else, i like go in forest and make sport, or hikking.

Finally, i love serie like Stargate, Robin Hood .. And of course i love playing game like Skyrim, Age of Empire, Flight Simulator X

Staff: No
(Optional) What communities, websites, or forums do you frequent that relate to your interests and the gaming world?
Favorite Game: Difficult .. Mass effect 3, Flight Simulator X.
Because the first has a good scenario and action, and the second are really beautiful and relaxing

Work Examples:
i don't have portfolio so i give you direct image of mockup

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

In finally, just sorry if my english are wrong

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